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IMF plead with the U.S. to raise the debt ceiling for weeks: Credit Rating downgraded to AA+!

Following the signing into law on the agreement to raise the U.S. debt ceiling and reduce government spending, Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), made the following statement:

“We welcome the agreement to raise the U.S. government’s borrowing limit and cut the budget deficit. By reducing a major uncertainty in the markets and bolstering U.S. fiscal credibility, this agreement is good for both the U.S. and the global economy.

“Raising the debt ceiling means a severe economic disruption has been avoided, and the accompanying deficit reduction deal is an important step toward fiscal consolidation. Given the fragility of recovery, the planned spending cuts are appropriately phased and not overly frontloaded so as not to undermine growth.

“The challenge for policymakers is now to develop a consolidation framework that includes clear medium-term debt and deficit objectives. Putting public finances on a sustainable path will entail identifying further savings in entitlement spending as well as new revenues.”

To all you smart idiots who didn’t want to work with President Obama in respect to the debt ceiling; “How do you like the U.S. now?” Now, that it’s credit rating took a nose dive along with the stock market. Well, all you smart politicians who couldn’t find your way out of a paper bag but somehow found your selves on Capitol Hill and was ready to take over and turn this country around. You not only turned this country around, you have all but destroyed one of the last major dynasties in the world.

So, you’re on vacation! Do this country a favor and don’t come back. Let the U.S. run on auto pilot, it would be better off. You made history alright! Your name will be forever linked to one of the major disaster’s ever recorded in history. Smile, so that they can take your picture and put it in the “Hall of Idiots for 2011.”

Let this be a lesson going forward, that the principal will never allow the kindergartners’ to run the school. Who but you would expect to take over the government their first term in office? So wet behind the ears, someone has to put the bib on you, lest you soil your shirt.

And yet, it’s obvious that you still don’t get it. Stop being so arrogant, you didn’t win anything, although you with the small minds think you did. Exactly what is it that you think you won? Looking at the news almost requires a barf bag. All you hear are the Republicans and the Tea Partiers say is, “We won! We won! we won!”

Look at you now! You won the right to tell your constituents’ that you were so bend on winning at all cause that their mortgages, food and everything else is about to go through the ceiling, as you tow the line and the stocks continue to take a nose dive to parts unknown.

You won alright! "The right to pack your bags and never come back!"


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