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Jomiba Learning Center Van Driver Admits leaving little Dominicue in Van

It is no surprise that Leiler Perez Hernandez, 23, driver of the van for Jomiba Learning Center, a Homestead day care center, on July 12th is charged with one count of manslaughter and one count of tampering with evidence in the death of little Dominicue Andrews. Hernandez was booked into the Miami Dade County Jail on Friday and bond is set at $1500.00.
The question remains; “Why did the investigation take so long?” There was a witness that came forward from the very beginning and the timeline was tight, with very little room for error. The grandmother stated that she gave little Dominicue to the driver of the van and a witness from the bank said that he saw Hernandez place little Dominicue outside of the van.

What surprises the public is why was he the only one charged, since the witness clearly state that he witnessed an emotional scream from the lady at the center demanding to know from Hernandez, “What have you done?”, yet she remained quiet and even tried to provide an alibi for him by calling Fabian Hall, Dominicue’s uncle to see if he had picked up little Dominicue.

It appears at the very least that she should be charged with “accessory after the fact,” because it is clear that once she discovered the dead body of Dominicue, rather than call the police or ambulance, the body was removed from the van to give the appearance that the crime was committed outside of both the center and van but rather in the streets as though he wondered off and was accidentally hit. Then she proceeded to call the uncle and thus the cover-up began.

Jomiba Learning Center, located at 1005 N. Krome Ave., should remain closed indefinitely. Not because there was an accident that resulted in the death of a child but because once they discovered that little Dominicue Andrews had died, “they didn’t come forward to tell the truth!” The public cannot allow another incident like this one to happen again. The babies at that center should be treated like “Precious Angels not disposable garbage!”


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