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Carter Hammer ousted by Mayor Carlos Gimenez as Miami-Dade Finance Director

As Newly Elected Mayor Carlos Gimenez restructure County Hall with his support team, the number of support team members making over $200,000 annually; with approximately $50,000 in fringe benefits and over, there is no room for opposition.

Hence, because Hammer was part of Carlos Alvarez team, he should have expected Mayor Gimenez to ask for his letter of resignation. Don’t worry! Hamilton will not go without his share of pie.

Although, it’s clear that Gimenez plan is to be surrounded by the best of the best as tough decisions are already begging for his business expertise.

However, you have to pause, when you realize that his support staff will immediately leave the budget over $1,000,000.00 lighter at a time when the County employees are expected to make deeper concessions to their paychecks.

Moving forward with respect to the budget, Mayor Gimenez must keep in mind that he is not playing with monopoly money but with real dollars paid for with the blood, sweat and tears of the taxpayers.

Mayor Gimenez must be a good steward over Miami-Dade County finances as well as gain the respect of his colleagues, while maintaining a vote of confidence bestowed upon him by the entire community.

Mayor Gimenez must continuously thrive to show good judgment and exercise extreme caution while illustrating to the community that their vote for him was not in vain.

Because of the tumultuous history between Gimenez and Hammer, it is understandable why Mayor Carlos Gimenez along with Harvey Rubin, Clerk of Court, ask for Carter Hammer letter of resignation. Under County Rules, the Mayor in conjunction with the Clerk of Court appoints the Finance Director.

Mayor Gimenez has extended an invitation too Ed Marquez, a former city manager of the City of Miami and former Director of the Miami-Dade County’s Finance Department, an offer he couldn’t refuse, and while not officially acknowledging Marquez as the new Finance Director at the moment, due to the respect Gimenez has given to Hammer to allow him time to pack up, say good-bye to all his peers and friends, Marquez is clearly the candidate select.

In the days that lay ahead, Mayor Gimenez along with his new administration will have to make some major decisions, some life-changing, as he will have too lay off some employees, while adhering too “Federal Labor Law, Right-to-Work Statues and Union Contracts” that are up for renewal. He is not going to have time for internal dissention as all minds need to be on the same page.


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  1. Actually, the new structure saves the County budget $1.4 Million Dollars over last year! He hired good people, but, he has less deputies than did the old Mayor. He also doesn’t have two body guards that the old Mayor had, paying them clsoe to $200,000.00 a piece, and there is no longer and entourage of SUV’s following the Mayor everywhere, a total cost of a few hundred thousand there!

    Comment by Patrick | August 8, 2011 | Reply

    • Hey Patrick, How did you arrive at the $1.4 Million Dollars savings over last year? It looks good in print to write that the Mayor doesn’t have two bodyguards and an entourage following him everywhere, to which the taxpayers commend the Mayor. Why would he need all this extra baggage? He’s not the president and he’s not in Hollywood! However, that in no way indicates that there will be a $1.4 Million Dollars saving. It is customary to take the savings from one account and spread the revenues across the board to cover other accounts as needed. Until I see the bottom line, there is no way to determine how much if any will be saved by not having the bodyguards and entourage. It would be interesting to see how these frivolous expenses would be justified anyway.

      Comment by brp305 | August 11, 2011 | Reply

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