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City of Miami: “Recall is not always the answer!”

Norman Braman made it look too easy when he decided that he had enough of then Miami-Dade County Mayor, Carlos Alvarez. Braman was a man on a mission with a well thought out plan. It was obvious that he had thoroughly gone over the plan in his mind from A to Z.

Braman have connections that you couldn’t pay for and wisdom that only came with father time. He also had the ability to know when to strike and the blessings of the homeowners of Dade County, who were fed up with the recent increase in property taxes [13% tax increase] and wasn’t going to take it any more. Braman stepped up, put his money where his mouth was and never looked back. As a result of his initial actions, Braman succeeded in having the community at large recall Carlos Alvarez, thus making history.

The internal fighting between the City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado, who oversees 4,100 employees, and currently maintaining a budget that is approximately $61 Million in the red, is different and primarily due to previous union commitments as it relates to the budget. It is no secret that just about every government entity in the U.S. is currently feeling the effects of this down economy and operating significantly in the red.

Even though the unions and the administration have successfully negotiated in the past, this year is not business as usual because there are no federal or state funds coming to the city’s rescue to make up the difference. The City of Miami is not along in trying to balance a budget that is millions of dollars in the red. Miami-Dade County as well as Federal Government Agencies is also facing the same problem and if you cross the county line, Broward is also having their share of budget overload.

What ever happened to communication, negotiation, mediation and peaceful resolutions? Everyone involved in the balancing of the City of Miami’s budget should know that it’s going to take a lot of give and take from all parties involved to bring the budget into compliance by law.

Please be reminded that the days of ole is history and you’re dealing with new realities and new mercies each day. The community can only hope that the unions, commissioners, mayor and all the other parties responsible can sit down at the table, remember what and why they were elected and respectfully and with civility work and keep working until an agreement is reached that everyone can live with the morning after. The word “recall” should make everyone tremble in their shoes at the amount of money it would take just to initiate the process. Who would foot the bill and with what?

Perfect example while it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind is the “debt ceiling” debacle. As a result of constant name calling, towing the line and power struggles, the House lost sight of the true mission. To deliver a budget-in-progress, that is balanced and could hold up under close inspection, which will eventually turn the financial stability of this country around and maintain our AAA credit rating. You know how the story ended! Do you want the same results for the City of Miami?


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