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Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito: Blind Ambition vs. Political Posturing

As Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito nears the end of his career, making personal decisions based on politics and personal vendetta’s and not on job performance could backfire and leave a dark cloud over his reputation as a fair and honorable superior. Remember the old but true saying: “Be careful how you dig the ditch, the one meant for me … just might be for you!” Actions based on revenge seldom turn out the way you expect them too.

Chief Exposito made a power move by casually informing the newly appointed City of Miami Manager, Johnny Martinez, of his intentions to demote three of the top brass on his team. They were Assistant Chief Roy Brown, Commander Jose Perez and Commander Ricardo Roque, citing that he and the three officers were no longer on the same page.

Assistant Chief Brown, headed administration division, which is in the process of preparing the department’s 2012 budget. Commander Perez headed the Little Havana Branch and Commander Roque was in charge of the Flagami Branch.

Martinez could not agree with Chief Esposito’s proposal and suggested that he step back and take a moment to consider if that was what he really wanted to do. However, Chief Esposito’s mind was made up, so he circumvented Martinez and demoted the officers anyway, citing it was necessary to demote the three officers so that the continuity of the department could remain status quo.

Unfortunately, by circumventing Martinez, Chief Exposito may have placed himself in an “in-subordination” category, subject to reprimand and/or termination, because he intentionally circumvented his superior.

Chief Exposito is scheduled to retire on January 09, 2012. It would be a shame if he was forced to retire earlier due to questionable personnel moves and the inability to properly perform his duties as Police Chief.


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