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Judge Perry ordered Casey Anthony to Return to Orlando!

Judge Belvin Perry order states that Casey Anthony must return to Orlando within two weeks to begin servicing her one year probation for check fraud. Anthony have not been seen in public since she was acquitted last month in the death of her daughter, little Caylee Marie.

Anthony’s acquittal sent shocked waves not only through her community but around the world and the public was not shy in showing their anger and some even expressed violence against Casey over what they perceived to be a miscarriage of justice and a plea for justice for little Caylee Marie. As you know if you have been following this case, upon Anthony’s release from jail, many in the crowd outside screamed “baby killer” as she was making her way to the dark tinted SUV.

In rendering his order, Judge Perry notes that Casey Anthony must follow an previous order issued by Judge Stan Strickland in January 2010, ordering her to serve one year probation upon her release, after she plead guilty to stealing checks from a friend. Anthony was to report to a probation officer in Orange County, therefore Judge Perry ordered Anthony to indeed report to the probation officer in Orange County by Aug.26. The mix up over where Anthony was to report was caused by clerical error. The written order from the judge somehow didn’t make it to the court file.

Casey Anthony’s attorney argued that she had served her probation while in jail awaiting her murder trial and that she would be in danger if her location was known. It would be interesting if Anthony’s attorney could present case law to strengthen his argument that she had indeed served her probation while in jail. Nevertheless, Judge Perry did concede however in authorizing the Department of Corrections to keep her address private during her probation due to the notoriety that this case have generated and the anger that the public still express for Casey Anthony.


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  1. The judge may have failed to consider two important issues in this action. One, Casey Anthony was already released from probation by the probation department and this will be overturned on the Appellate level. And two, I don’t believe the judge considered just how many complaints the probation department is likely to receive from this defendant by claims of inappropriate actions and non-actions alleged against the department in a twelve month period of time. This will cost the Florida tax-payers an untold and incalculable amount of money. And, for what? Nothing. Casey wins again. What happened to justice for Caylee? -Jane

    Comment by janelwhite | August 14, 2011 | Reply

    • Without looking at the actual docket or final disposition, it’s hard to determine whether the probation department released Casey because she completed her probation or if they released her prematurely, because the order from Judge Stan Strickland was not in her file, therefore “Corrections Department” were not aware of a previous order, stipulating that her probation would not begin until her jail sentence was completed. I believe that part of Judge Belvin Perry’s decision was based on the fact that not all the paperwork was in Casey Anthony’s file. I’m quite sure that Judge Perry consulted with Judge Stan Strickland [ the judge that placed Casey on “one year of supervised probation,” based on a previous case] before coming to the conclusion that she would indeed have to return to Orange County to fulfill her obligation of “one year of supervised probation.” Casey has a smart attorney. I’m sure he knows what his next move should be. A first year law student could figure that out and it has nothing to do with appellate division.

      Little Caylee Marie Anthony’s memory and name will never be forgotten, primarily because it is indelibly entrenched with her mother’s name. When you hear Casey, you automatically think of little Caylee Marie. In the religious community, you often hear the saying “As long as you live, then the memory of your love one will never die.” This same saying applies to little Caylee Marie. As long as her mother lives, her memory will never die and in her case, [because she was taken away so young] the public will always remember the little girl who disappeared, while in the custody of her mother and no one was held accountable.

      Comment by brp305 | August 14, 2011 | Reply

      • I understand your analysis of this case brp305, but I believe this probation-stint will end up costing the Florida tax-payer far more than what Perry ever could have imagined, Baez will see to that. And for what end-goal? Nothing. -Jane

        Comment by janelwhite | August 14, 2011

      • Jane, I suspect this will be an on going case for a while, however, I respectfully disagree that it would cost more than the standard supervised probation case. Once the actual case is over, any security issues will be addressed by her attorney. Judge Perry stated in his order that for security reasons, her address will be vacated from the public record but no other precautions will be assumed by the court.

        Comment by brp305 | August 15, 2011

  2. Look at the cost to tax-payers so far brp305, nearly half a million dollars and for what? Absolutely nothing except money in Casey’s pockets. Is that the justice for Caylee you accept as being good? -Jane

    Comment by janelwhite | August 15, 2011 | Reply

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