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Unemployment continues to break all records in Florida despite job growth

Unemployment is allegedly coming in or being reported at 13%, when in reality it is closer to 20% and in the African American community it’s closer to 30% and climbing upward.

Job Fairs are being held at least once a week with upwards of over 500 job seekers anxiously standing in line for their chance or opportunity if you will, to showcase their talent and skills. Unfortunately, [after creating a massive mailing list, to be sold at a later date] little progress is being made to connect future employees to employers.

Laid off or displaced workers a year ago would normally be out of work a maximum of six months. Today the minimum time between jobs is hovering around one year.

So, while the administration would have you to believe that things are getting better, in retrospect things are only getting worse, with no foreseeable relief in sight for years to come.

And as unemployment continue to rise, so will crime as once law abiding citizens become desperate to feed their families and save their homes.

There is an apparent disconnect between the employee and the employer. Perhaps the companies that are actually hiring, with real jobs could hire some of the unemployed and train them, if they have some but not all the skills necessary to obtain the job.

Due to the worst financial crisis in recent years, everyone need to begin to “think outside the box” as the days of ole is gone and will never return. Employers need to take a chance on the unemployed and train the new employees to meet their qualifications. Maybe the government could pay the companies a stipend to encourage participation in a back to work training program.

At any rate, there are still millions of people unemployed or underemployed ready and able to work 8:00AM – 5:00PM, or longer, if only given the opportunity to do so.

The ball is in the employers court and the employees are anxiously waiting in the outfield to see which direction the employer will hit the ball. Will the employer hit the ball to first base and the employee is immediately called out, no interview? Will the employer hit the ball to second base and allow the employee to come in for an interview? Or,will the employer throw the ball to third base and give the new employee a temporary assignment? Or will the employer hit a home run with the bases load and actually hire several employees to be trained for their new careers in his/her organization?

Remember! The employers have the ball in their hands and are up to bat and over a million employees are holding out their gloves in anticipation of catching the ball and finally landing a job. “Let’s Play ball, everybody!” Good-Luck, Everyone!!!


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