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Michelle Spence-Jones –Returning to Miami City Hall

It’s Christmas in August for Michelle-Spence Jones and her family & friends. The Angels of “Grace” and “Mercy” have once again granted her favor and the state dropped a grand theft case against her, ending two troubled prosecutions and returning her to Miami City Hall.

It takes a wise person to know that it was a power greater than their own to deliver them from the Lion’s Den. “I’m great, I’m blessed,” Spence-Jones, 44, told her supporters after the Miami Dade State Attorney‘s announced it was dropping the charge. “I’m grateful the case is dismissed and my client can resume her position as city commissioner,” said defense attorney Peter Raben.

Under state law and city charter, Spence-Jones can resume her seat almost immediately. Unfortunately, that means Commissioner Richard P. Dunn, who has represented District 5 since her removal, is out.

However, when Spence-Jones return to City Hall, the political structure will be very different from the one she left. Michelle Spence-Jones is not going to have very much time to celebrate if she is going to represent her district effectively. She will be behind the eight ball until she can catch-up with the latest happenings since her removal from office.

Spence-Jones will have to quickly get up to speed with the current political climate and how the current culture will affect her progress or success, if you will, moving forward. She will have to introduce herself to the new city manger as well as re-introduce herself to a new mayor and former colleague, Tomás Regalado, while at the same time attempt to gain some understanding and prospective of the very visible and well publicized feud between the mayor and it’s police chief.

The news of her imminent return quickly spread through City Hall and ultimately to Dunn, who was appointed and later re-elected to serve the district that was left without representation during Spence-Jones legal troubles. Richard Dunn has said that he would do the right thing, which is to yield to Spence-Jones, however feels that he is entitled to compensation for the three remaining years of his term.

Michelle Spence-Jones can return to City Hall after Gov. Rick Scott sign an executive order, which he is compelled to do so by law, according to the city’s legal office.


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