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Balancing Miami-Dade County Budget is not personal: Just Business!

A balanced city or county budget is required by law; however, sometimes it seems that the city and county unions take it personally. “There is no money in the budget!” for continued perks and the massive employee roll at the same time!

Remember when then Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, on July 3, 2010 ordered The State Controller, John Chiang to roll all the state employees wages back to minimum wage, whereby the Controller refused and the order was immediately taken to court and the ruling was upheld by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, saying that “The DPA has the authority to direct the controller to defer salary payments in excess of federally mandated minimum wages when appropriations for the salaries are lacking due to a budget impasse. “There is no money in the budget!

Perhaps the county’s legal team could research and determine what is and isn’t legal in the case of a budget impasse. One thing is for sure! You can’t expect to continue to receive the “special perks” and “keep all the employees” at the same time. Something or someone has to be eliminated. There is no money in the budget!

It was once said by a psychologist that you have to repeat something seven times before it begins to penetrate the human physic. So, let’s try it again. “There is no money in the budget!”

The “General Funds Account” aka “Slush Funds” has gone fishing and will not return any time in the foreseeable future due to lack of funds. “There is no money in the budget!”

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s proposed budget will be formally taken up and voted on by the commissioners in two commission meetings next month. The mayor needs to plug a $400 million budget gap and is relying heavily on the unions to meet him halfway. Keep in mind, “There is no money in the budget!” and no money coming to fill the gap!

The ball is currently in the union’s court, and they have until Nov.1 to voluntarily come up with a game-plan. After Nov.1, the unions will technically forfeit their right to negotiate and whatever the commissioners and mayor decides will become law. Remember, once again! “There is no money in the budget!”


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