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Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito: Power and Politics!

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act), employees may file complaints with OSHA if they believe that they have experienced discrimination or retaliation for exercising any right afforded by the OSH Act, such as complaining to the employer union, OSHA, or any other government agency about workplace safety or health hazards; or for participating in OSHA inspection conferences, hearings, or other OSHA-related activities.

Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito case should prove to be very interesting as he is accusing his employer of the very same thing that his subordinate’s, Assistant Chief Roy Brown, and Commander Jose Perez,is accusing him of.

Chief Exposito can not hide behind the “Whistleblower Protection Act,” while at the same time allegedly violating someone else’s rights. “You can’t put your foot on my neck while at the same time screaming to others to get their foot off of your neck!” and expect the same or similar scenario’s to have different results.

Someone’s foot on your neck or your foot on someone else’s neck, anybody’s neck is against the law!” The word “Law” requires everyone to be treated equally, unless “there is a law for you and a different law for everyone else!

Power and Politics are strange bedfellows that are often intertwined with outcomes like a spider weaving a web for his next victim. Sometimes the victim is caught in the web and sometimes the spider becomes entangled in his own creation having to rely on the mercy of others to free him from his own trap.

What does the ole saying, “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” mean? It means that we make things difficult and complicated when we deceive others.

“Lies cost a lot to maintain, the “Truth is Free!” The truth will always walk down a lie every time …. It just takes longer. That’s why its imperative to “stand in your truth!”

As always! This is intermission time: You have half an hour to take a bathroom break and refresh your snacks! But hurry back to your seats, you don’t want to miss Act ɪɪɪ.


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