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New Frontier Lounge: Two killed and four injured and the madness continues…

New Frontier Lounge located at 5757 NW 27th Avenue in Miami appeared to be shooting a scene from the “Wild Wild West TV Series,” one of the old cowboy classics from the old days, almost always has a scene where two men would reach for their guns at the same time, sometimes they would be inside the bar and sometimes they would be shooting their way out of the bar, of course, it was just a TV show for entertainment and no one really gets hurt.

Fast forward to 2011, practically everyone you encounter is armed with one finger on the trigger. Mayhem is subject to break out over something as trivial as “looking at someone the wrong way” or “accidentally bumping into someone in a crowded lounge.” If you don’t say “excuse me quickly enough,” you might end up on the floor with a bullet in your gut or worse, dead.

Unfortunately, when you hear on the news that someone got shot or killed in today’s time, you barely raise an eyebrow unless the person is related to you. It appears that you become numb as a way of dealing with the latest incident of violence.

And the old familiar questions are asked once again. When will the violence end and when will a human life become more valuable than an incidental happenstance? As we continue to place the dead in body bags and transport the injured to Ryder Trauma Center.

Why has violence become such a way of life and why has the community accepted such behavior in this new millennium? Have we lost our way as a civilized society; and life as we once held so precious an sacred, now have no real value in the eyes of modern man?

Where are the rally cries and calls for peace from the community leaders, neighboring businesses and homeowners? Once again, the question remains, “have we lost our way as a civilized society?”


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