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Patrick: The young man with the quick smile and engaging personality at McDonalds

We often read the newspaper and hear about young people who run afoul of the law. But what about the young people who are getting it right and making a positive impact on society?

I had the fortunate pleasure of meeting one such person today, while visiting McDonalds located at 4686 NW 183rd St. I went to McDonalds for a quick breakfast for my mother, since it is only about 5 minutes away from my mother’s home.

Upon entering, I noticed how clean the restaurant was and everyone sitting enjoying their breakfast appeared to be having a happy ole time. As I eased my way up to the cashier Patrick greeted me with a “May I take your order?”

I ask if he could give me a second and he promptly said, “Take your time!” I began to tell him that I was looking for something on the menu for my diabetic mother and too my surprise he knew the restrictions of someone who has diabetics. His quick bright smile, engaging personality and overall superior demeanor brighten my day and certainly made me want to come back again.

I confided in Patrick that I had been at that particular McDonalds before and the service was less than desirable but he certainly made up for that bad experience. Patrick is worthy of a shout-out and I think his boss should make him the new customer service trainer for McDonalds. I can’t say that this is my normal experience at McDonalds but on today. 09/19/2011, Patrick got it right!

The public needs to let the various establishments know when their employees get it right. It makes the employee feel that his or her work is appreciated and is good public relations for the company. Next time you go to McDonalds at 4686 NW 183rd Street, Miami Gardens, ask for Patrick and tell him that I read about you on the internet and encourage him to keep up the good work because you never know will be just passing through and I’m sure he’ll flash you that winning smile of his before he ask you, “May I take your order?” Patrick, I can see that you’re going places. Good luck to you in your future endeavors!


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