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Amanda Knox “ACQUITTED” and ordered released immediately

A jury cleared Amanda Knox along with her co-defendant, Raffaele Sollecito of murder and other charges today, October 03, 2011, nearly four years after they were arrested on suspicion of having killed her roommate in this Italian college town. The jury apparently agreed with Amanda’s impassionate plea for her life, delivered with raw emotions in her final statement to the court.

“I am not what they say I am – perverse, violent … I haven’t murdered. I haven’t raped. I haven’t stolen,” Knox said in the most compelling speech of her life. Her co-defendant, Raffaele Sollecito, was also cleared of involvement in Kercher’s death.

Deanna Knox, Amanda’s sister issued this statement while the crowd roared their approval of the verdict of “Acquittal” by the appellate court. “We are thankful that Amanda’s nightmare is over and that Amanda suffered for nearly four years for a crime she did not commit. Deanna also thanked her sister’s attorneys and all the people who took the time to research the case, and realized that Amanda and Raffaele was innocent.”

The Appellate Court, however upheld Knox’s conviction of defamation against Patrick Lumumba, an early suspect in the case. Amanda had previously accused club owner Lumumba of killing college student Meredith Kercher in 2007 in Perugia.

Lumumba was arrested, but released after his alibi checked out. He later sued Knox, winning 40,000 euro’s ($54,000) in damages. Knox was sentenced to three years on the defamation charge, however, she received credit for the years she had already spent behind bars, said her attorney, Carlo Dalla Vedova.

There is certainly a lesson to be learned by any and everyone, particularly parents to never give up on your child or children and fight with dogmatic determination, if you feel that your child was wrongly accused of a crime that they did not commit.

For the past 4 years, the Knox family endured a long and arduous winter. In life you will experience winter, summer, spring and fall. But God guarantees that no one season will last forever. The Knox family can finally enjoy the fruits of summer, spring and fall and all that it offers as they journey back to the states with Amanda taking her rightful place beside them.

God has given the Knox family a second chance to show and teach the world to reach beyond the brink and hold on. This is a real life story of the power of love, determination and pure grit.

Please click on the following for a full report:

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