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Rachel Crow: 13 year old X Factor 2011 Powerhouse!

A star is born in little Rachel Crow,13, with a powerhouse voice, and hearing it for the first time will make you stop in your tracks and take notice. Looking at little Rachel is one thing but when she opens her mouth and allows her vocal expressions to take over, you immediately understand that she is wise beyond her years.

Everything about Rachel, speaks that a star is born: her walk onto the stage, her voice of confidence when engaged in conversation and her absolute ability to deliver the song of the moment, let’s you know that someone special is in your presence whose spirit and soul runs deeper than just a song.

When Rachel begins to hit that first high note, you are mesmerize and in wonderment that those vocals are coming from such a small stature, yet she is singing with so much emotion and feelings, far beyond her years and has the ability to capture the audience total attention and take them on that journey with her.

Rachel, “What God has for you … Is for you!!!” X Factor is “Blessed” to have her as one of their contestants.


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