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Help Wanted: But not if you’re unemployed says Selena Forte!

No, it’s not a typo. Have you read the classified ads lately? If not, start browsing through your local classified section and you will more than likely stumble upon an ad that reads something like this:

Any company, USA looking to fill a vacant position immediately.
Please fax your résumé to:
Human Resources

*All applicants unemployed for six months or longer need not apply.

This is not a mistake! It’s not a typo, but rather a company indiscriminately but boldly stating that if you are one of the unfortunate among the millions looking for employment and have been unemployed for six months or longer, don’t waste your time or your money seeking employment with this company.

Why? You might ask if a company would be so bold to post a vacant position and then proceed to discriminate against you because you didn’t give up and is still looking for employment in spite of the odds against you, will they openly make the stipulation about the length in time between employments.

What is the companies’ perception of a prospective employee who has been unemployed for six months or more? Is it that they think that the prospective employee has forgotten how to perform in a work environment even though they may have spent the last 10, 20 perhaps 30 years at their last place of employment.

Selena Forte, 55, is alleging that the above scenario is exactly what happened to her. Unfortunately, it is safe to say that that she is not the first person that this has happened too, but the first who have stepped front and center and cried “Foul Play!”

Forte said that the recruiter advised her, that “her résumé was deemed ineligible because the length of time between the last employers too now, is six months are longer.”

So, in addition too race, nationality, gender, educational background, age, [tagged “aging” if you’re 40+] language, credit rating, current home location and the sheer number of unemployed or under employed competing for the same job, you now have to add the “length of unemployment” as a criteria for possible employment. “Please say it isn’t so … or is it?”

It would be interesting to get some feed back from others, who have found themselves in the same or similar situation. “We can’t address a problem unless we know a problem exists!”

If you are still seeking employment and it’s been six months or longer, “don’t give up!” Your Blessing is on the way!” Hang in there! God Has Not Forgotten You! Good Luck and May Many Blessings Come Your Way!!!


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