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House Veterans’ Affairs:Dismiss Mary Berrocal & Nevin Weaver from VA Hospital immediately – Part 2


Part 2 of 3

“What’s really going on at the Miami VA Medical Center?”

If you are affiliated with Miami VA Medical Center by way of employment or proxy, this full committee meeting video on what’s happening at the Miami VA Medical Center is definitely for you!

While Weaver testified that things were moving in a positive direction, the only direction that the Miami VA Medical Center appeared to be headed in was a continual downward spiral. Mr. Weaver continued to ramble on and on but with no clear agenda or even suggestion as to how the VA Center will begin to turn itself around and get back on the right track.

Berrocal testifies that things are also steadily improving, including re-training and hiring new employees who had prior experience in their new positions. She stated that she had over 30 years working with veterans’ in various capacities. Berrocal said that since her tenure with the VA Medical Center, the colonoscopies services provided had increased by 20%, showing a vote of confidence under her leadership.

Unfortunately, by repeatedly mentioning “root cause and analysis,” Rep. Miller drilled Berrocal on exactly what is “root cause and analysis?” It was painfully obvious that Berrocal had no clear concept and began to trail off into a series of cover-ups’ to protect her reputation.

Rep. Miller proceeded to ask Berrocal a series of questions leading up to the death of Air Force veteran, Catawaba Howard, 32, killed by a Miami-Dade police officer, a day after leaving the VA Medical Center. He wanted to know, why Howard was released when she should have been held for 72 hours, after being committed by “Baker Act?” Berrocal first recall that there was a communication problem, between Jackson Memorial Hospital and her staff.

When it was clear that that answer was not acceptable, and Rep. Miller continued to press for more accountability, then Berrocal said that she didn’t know if Howard’s admittance was voluntary or involuntary. Rep. Miller continued to press on, until finally he asks her what does “Baker Act” mean? At first Berrocal tried to side-step the question, but Miller stopped her and ask again, what does “Baker Act” mean? Finally, with her back against the wall, Berrocal conceded that Jackson had indeed placed the word “Baker Act” in the paperwork that they forwarded on to the VA Center. “That was a terrific blow to the integrity of Berrocal.”Unfortunately, the testimony from Ms. Berrocal proved fatal in her repeated lack of concrete facts and her lack of recall. Berrocal’s testimony seemed more like that of a confidential informant than one of a public servant.

As the House Committee questions got tougher, Schoenhard, so delicately threw Berrocal and Weaver under the bus. Each time Schoenhard was asked a question, he responded with a national not Miami specific answer. It was clear that the committee had lost patience with Schoenhard mindless ramblings, posturing more familiar in politics than in public administration, especially when human lives were at stake.

If you continue to follow the hearing, neither Schoenhard, neither Weaver nor Berrocal had the ability to answer a single question. You have to shake your head in wonderment as the picture becomes painstaking clear that the focus was obviously “not” on the well-being of the veterans.

“To the extent that all three top administrators testified, you certainly need to check the locked medicine cabinet at the VA Center and keep the key in visual sight, less some mind-altering drugs may come up missing, if they’re not missing already!”

Too be continued …


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