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Gordon & Norma Yeager: Married for 72 Years, Died “Holding Hands!”

Gordon and Norma Yeager, 94 and 90, respectively, were married for 72 years, died holding hands in a Des Moines hospital. The Yeager’s were involved in a car accident that would prove fatal.

And while Gordon Yeager’s heart stop beating at 3:38pm, the heart monitor continued to detect a heart beat. The family could not understand how that was possible, until the nurse explained that because Gordon and Norma were still holding hands, the monitor actually picked up Norma’s heartbeat through Gordon and the monitor did not flat line until Norma Yeager would succumb to her injuries at 4:48pm.

As in life, always inseparable, and even though they never regained consciousness, looking at them holding hands, still clinging on to each other, you could sense and feel the presence of a higher power at that moment. Somehow you just knew that they were together in a better place.

Donna Sheets, the Yeager’s daughter stated that “neither one of them would have wanted to be without the other. “They’re very old fashioned. They believed in marriage ‘til death do us part,” stated their son, Dennis Yeager. Gordon and Norma Yeager married on May 26, 1939, lived, loved and laughed together for 72 years, died on October 12, 2011 … “Holding Hands” in unspoken love.


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