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Publix, Wal-Mart, Kraft and others get Millions but Create Few Jobs.

Florida has given tax breaks and other cash incentives to some of the biggest companies in return for creating jobs.

Publix, Wal-Mart, Kraft and other corporate giants have had trouble meeting the requirements of the contract; matching funds with job creation. While the job creation portion is less than expected, the monies from the various contracts are dwindling.

Who is in charge of monitoring these funds? And why aren’t the funds tied to actual jobs or positions, rather than expectations?

Maybe a better outcome would be achieved by setting up a department within the South Florida Workforce Agencies and allow them to issue the stipends to the clients, once an employer/employee relationship has been established. Whereby the Workforce staff would require the employee to submit a signed worksheet via fax or in person, whichever is convenient for the Workforce staff?

Also someone from the Workforce Agency would have to act as a monitor to visit the various jobs to ensure that there is in fact an employee/employer relationship and cuts down on fraud. The Workforce monitoring assignment could be rotated by the employees already on staff.

Recent data has shown that Florida has signed contracts worth $1.7 Billion since 1995 in return for promises of 225,000 new jobs. But only about one-third [75,000] of those jobs have been filled while the state has paid out 43% [$39,534,883.703] of the contracts.

State Rep. Mike Horner, Republican from Kissimmee, who is a member of the Budget Committee that controls the Economic Development monies, said ‘Hopefully we’ll learn some important lessons.

The real question should be at what cost to taxpayers and the unemployed?

State data shows that at least 327 incentive contracts came up short, producing nearly 35,000 fewer jobs than promised.

That includes 33 companies that cut jobs instead of adding work. Clearly the “Economic Development Unit” needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with a doable plan to put the citizens back to work as Governor Rick Scott campaigned on during his election, but to date, has failed to deliver.

In case after case, the public has witnessed at various agencies, corporate structures or big conglomerates’ throughout the state and this nation, that there is absolutely “no accountability for continuous misappropriation of taxpayers’ funds.”

This is not an injury-free crime or just a white collar crime; “the public is suffering in the worse way.” Yet, the pattern repeats itself, again and again with no accountability and no monies retrieved.

Simply! “We’ll do better next time.” This statement should no longer be acceptable to the governing bodies as well as the general public.

The state was unable or embarrassed to say how many jobs were created as part of 971 other projects, yet the data tells you that those companies have been paid $415 million, including Orlando’s Burnham Institute for Medical Research ($155 Million), the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine ($80 Million) and SRI International in Pinellas County ($2 Million).

When will the public demand to be treated with respect by their elected officials and hold them accountable as well as liable for their actions or lack thereof? “I’ll do better the next time! Should no longer be acceptable!”

“Giving the taxpayer’s monies away to Wal-Mart, Publix, Kraft and other big corporations without accountability needs to end today!”


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