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Fraudulent Foreclosure Mills and how they operate: Lesson 101

Why are so many Americans losing their homes to foreclosure with little or no help from their servicing agent or Mortgage Company?

The reason is that it’s more profitable in re-packaging and re-selling your mortgage to other banks and investors, then getting reimbursed by the government.

If you want to know how a “Foreclosure Mill” operates; take two aspirins and make some hot calming tea to keep your blood pressure from going up, then have a seat in your most comfortable chair, sit back and pay close attention.

Warning: You may need to see the video several times to absolve all the information provided.

This video will pertain to the following firms but could easily be “Any-Firm, U.S.A.”

David J. Stern / Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Steven J. Baum / New York
Hunt – Leibert / Connecticut

Ok! Are you ready? Press click and consider this your life lesson for today!

If you were to search the internet, you will soon come to realize that “Fraudulent Foreclosure Mills” are the new drug of choice.

By the time you identify one; and there are thousands popping up every day, the principals have exchange paperwork, ownership and location but the fraudulent practice is still fast at work trying to stay a step ahead of the Federal Government and their local State Attorney’s Office.

And you wonder why “Occupy Wall Street is gaining momentum!”


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