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Herman Cain Suspends Campaign: After Ginger White seals his fate revealing a 13 year relationship

Herman Cain suspends his campaign after Ginger White reveals their 13 year relationship. Up to this point Cain had been dismissive and even blamed the media for what he called “character assassination,” but in the end it was his own lust that derailed his 9-9-9 plan for the highest office in these United States.

The toll, I’m sure that all the allegations have taken on his immediate family; particularly his wife and children, his church, friends and supporters are immeasurable. Cain had no choice, with his back against the wall, but to admitted in part to his involvement with Ms. White {Cain admitted that his affair with Ms. White was secretly carried out without Mrs. Cain’s knowledge} was the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

Whatever financial circumstances that Ginger White finds herself in, does not negate the fact that she could be telling the truth. Cain’s action today is a good indicator that White is telling the truth and there could be other ladies, waiting for the right opportunity to step front and center, revealing their involvement with “Big Daddy Cain.”

With all the alleged allegations of extra curriculum activities, it’s a wonder that Cain had time to go home, but then again, maybe that’s why he had so many out of town business meetings. Herman Cain needs to start practicing the song, “I’m sorry by Ruben Studdard” all he has to do is change 2004 to 2011, and make sure that he has a gift wrapped diamond ring with enough carats to blind even Stevie Wonder.

After Herman Cain apologizes to his close circle of family and friends, then he needs to apologize to the general public for straight out lying about his involvement with the other 4 ladies, {Sharon Bialek and Karen Krausharr along with the two unknown ladies}.

Herman Cain certainly will be busy well into the New Year making amends to the people that matter in his circle of influence. If, Cain is a man of faith then he knows what to do! Ask God for forgiveness, ask all that he has hurt for forgiveness, and then start on that long narrow road to healing his relationships, both personal and platonic. “Good Luck to you, man” and “May you come out a true Minister of the Gospel! There will be a great testimony from this life lesson!

Remember that Christians are sinners that have fallen down but got up to become a powerful servant of God.


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