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Vegas, Hepner, Villa & Brutus: Only in South Florida: Take One

Guadalupe Vegas in Bond Hearings Court

Guadalupe Vegas steals neighbors Christmas decorations from yard and set them up in her yard

Guadalupe Vegas,18, from Sweetwater and her compliances (one male and one female) stole her neighbor’s Christmas ornaments out of their yard and Vegas had the nerve to display the neighbors stolen ornaments in her yard. And get this! Guadalupe lives around the corner and was caught in the act by the neighbor’s security camera. You have to see it . . . to believe it!

Cheryl Hepner, 66, shoots Salvatore Miglino, 39, twice, then call 911 and tells the operator that Miglino was shooting at her

Cheryl Hepner,66 shot her son-in-law, Salvatore Miglino,39, twice, then calls 911 and said that her son-in-law was shooting at her. Cheryl Hepner, 66, from Tamarac obviously had it all planned in advance. Wait for Miglino to show up to pick up his son, invite him in her home, then shoot him and call 911 and tell them that he was shooting at her.

However, Miglino was one step ahead of her and had the phone camera on record from the beginning because of the nasty divorce case he was going through with Hepner’s daughter and the uneasy feeling he had.

Miami-Dade Officer Fernando Edmundo Villa found shirtless and passed out in his police cruiser

Miami-Dade Officer Fernando Edmundo Villa,32 found shirtless and passed out in his running police cruiser in the left turn lane on SW 137th Avenue at 131 Street, taken to the station and allowed to go home. Can anyone say, “Special Treatment?”

Maybe Miami Police Officer J. Brutus was thinking about the Movie, “The Fast & Furious” when he ran his patrol car up a utility pole.

The Fast & The Furious Movie has nothing on Miami Police Officer J. Brutus

It would be interesting to see Vin Diesel or Paul Walker drive their car up a “live” utility pole and walk away laughing. It’s safe to say that Hollywood maybe calling Officer Brutus for some more or similar stunts for their next movie.

You see, Miami Police officer J. Brutus was cruising through the intersection of NW 67th Street & 6th Ave in Miami on Tuesday, when he suddenly found himself up a utility pole.

And whose talking about driving while texting? What about driving while allegedly picking up a pen off the floor of your car? Well, that’s his story and he is sticking to it!

Officer Brutus response to how his car ran up the pole must have sounded as Judge Judy would say, “ridiculous” even to him, because when the camera turned on him, he was laughing and joking with one of his colleagues. It took a minute to realize that he was the officer in the car. Miami Police Department must have guaranteed contracts with their officers.

In any other scenario, it would be expected for the driver of the car to show some kind of remorse. The tax payers will probably not be too happy when they realize that they are the ones footing the bill for one of The City of Miami’s finest, nickname the “Fast & Furious Brutus” chasing a pen or maybe he was chasing pop-eye the sailor man.


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