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GOP House Leaders Yield to the Will of the People

House Republican leaders did something that at one time would have been impossible. They actually stepped back from the grand-standing of politics, put the prepared script aside and realize where they were and how they got there: because of the vote and voice of their constituents. Too that we commend them! And could see for the first time, the small steps they’ve taken in maturing into their roles as leaders and not just talking pundits.

Sometimes, life lessons are slow and easy, other times, it’s quick and painful. Nevertheless, one seldom forgets how they derived at their first major breakthrough. Finally, the culture of the room is shifting and you could sense for the first time that maybe both sides, the Democrats and Republicans can meet and agree on some of the countries most crucial issues.

After taking such a hard stance and saying that “they would not buckle,” House Republican leaders buckled and reversed their stance on Thursday and agreed too a two-month extension of a payroll-tax-break [sparing a tax increase, that would have affected over 160 million American workers] after internal discord and pressure from President Obama to approve this temporary bill, thus allowing both parties more time to find a more permanent solution.

While most of the news media sees this as a major victory for President Obama, it’s really a major victory for the people. It would behoove both parties moving forward to hear and listen to the cry of their constituents.

The United States is in the midst of a paradigm shift and its effect is going to be life altering. The leaders that are currently in the House and Senate are charged to keep this country in an up-ward position while this shift is taking place. Their role in history is greater than they realize. They can go down in history as some of the greatest leaders in modern times, or greatest failures of the century.

The foreword in the history book has been written and the body is beginning to take shape but the ending is yet to be determined. The current leaders will have a part to play in how the end of this history lesson will be written.

Too be continued . . .


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