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Verizon Wireless instituting a $2 “convenience charge” for paying with plastic

Effective 01/15/2012, Verizon Wireless will institute a $2 “convenience charge” for paying either online or by telephone.

There will be three ways for the customer to avoid the “convenience charge.”

1. Make a one-time payment using an electronic check.
2. Use your home banking account.
3. Use a Verizon gift card or rebate card.

Otherwise, a $2 “convenience charge” will be included in a statement with your name on it. However, all is not lost! You can enroll in a program that debits your bank account or credit card on a recurring basis for free. Still not happy; okay, you can pay your bill the ole fashion way, by mail or you can take a nice ride to your nearest Verizon store to meet and greet its staff and pay in person.

Verizon currently has about 91 million customers. The genius that thought of the $2 “convenience charge” will certainly be on track to get a healthy bonus at the end of the year; for all the money the new charge will generate from their loyal customers. Can you say “whistling Dixie all the way to the bank?”


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