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Casey Anthony wants to move on with her life: Little Caylee Marie Anthony wishes she had a life

Casey Anthony complains that she doesn’t have much of a life. Little Caylee Marie Anthony wishes she had a life. Caylee wishes that she could have at least experienced the first day of kindergarten. But most importantly, Caylee wishes that someone would have cared enough about her to protect her from all the people she trusted to keep her safe.

But don’t worry! Caylee is surrounded by a lot of love and the bad people can’t hurt her anymore. Caylee still wonders, but only for a quick second, “Will my death be in vain?”

When you hear the name Casey Anthony, you should feel the spirit of Caylee Marie hovering over Casey. Even if Casey never mentions her daughters name again, it is intrinsically etched in her forehead, like a Scarlett’s letter.

“May Caylee Marie Anthony forever rest in peace and May the memories of what happened to little Caylee forever be with Casey Anthony!”


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