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Miami-Dade County Commissioners tossed the ball back to Mayor Carlos Gimenez

Miami-Dade County Commissioners did not and would not support an additional 5% needed from the Miami-Dade Police Department to balance the county budget. After the votes were casted, the commissioners decided to vote against the bill, by a vote of 7-6.

Thus, the ball is returned to Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez and his support staff to find another way or avenue to balance the budget. The county is still over 30,000 employees strong. There are other ways to balance the budget equitably without making one or two departments bare the majority of the load.

There is tremendous waste within the structure of Miami-Dade County, particularly at the top. If you want to really balance the budget, “you must start at the top!” Every department does not need a director or even an assistant director. It is clear that the structure needs to be dismantled and rebuilt. At this point it’s to convoluted with nepotism, favors, girlfriends and the like.

The county has some good by-laws in place but the rules and laws are not adhered too and the powers- at-be seems to come up with a thousand excuses why the rules need to be circumvented. And as the system takes on more and more employees that came through the back door, you will ultimately find yourself with a colossal mess. These people didn’t take any test, they have no degrees or working skills, yet they drain the system dry.

1. The county has directors and assistant directors where they
only need a supervisor.
2. The county has attorneys where they only need a well-trained
3. The county has departments giving each other unapproved raises.
4. The county has employees whose only function is to keep the
social calendar full.
5. The county has two or more departments performing the same task.
6. The county has employees whose sole function is to socialize
with the judiciary.
7. The county has some employees that receive both a county &
state check.
8. The county has many employees whose hands were caught in the
cookie jar and given a raise and a transfer to start all over
9. The county has directors with no staff.
10 The county has upper level management who refer to the job
requirement description to fill out their annual review.

You see! The waste is endless and it only gets worse. Yes! Yes! Yes! There is plenty room for improvement. The word is call “RESTRUCTURE!’

“Well, Mayor Carlos Gimenez, you said that you were the person for the job and you understood the system. This is where the rubber meets the road and the constituents’ are going to see what you’re working with!” You’ve just stepped up to the plate to bat and the commissioners just threw the ball in your direction. Will you make a hit or foul out? It’s your ball! Good luck!!!


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