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FIU FORUM: Two Harvard Professors and 70 Community Leaders Brainstorm on Miami’s Future

Praise the Lord! The “Angels of Grace & Mercy” has awakened to the cries of the people. The people in Miami-Dade County has been crying out for sometime for a hand-up and not just a hand-out.

The negative figures in almost every area of Miami-Dade are so high that as an accountant, you would be forced to flip the general ledger to the next page and shake his head in pure astonishment as to how could a city still be viable in light of its present circumstances.

Miami-Dade County finds itself at the crossroads; either to eternal abyss and ultimate bankruptcy or stare the beast in its face and deciding to turn things around, such as: Miami‘s present fiscal state, the high number of unemployed, high number of underemployed, high number of baby boomers with experience that are being overlooked, not because of skill but because of age and high numbers of foreclosures followed by the increase in crime as a result of all these situations.

The group should ask themselves “how did we get in this predicament and what will it take to get ourselves out of it?” And focus on coming up with some doable-action plans that they can start working on tomorrow, because somewhere along the line, there is a major disconnect.

Florida International University is an excellent venue to hold this community-saving-forum with Harvard Professors and the 70 community leaders that will be in attendance by invitation only.

For the 70 community leaders that will be attending the forum, look at this opportunity as a “We are the World” project, whereby Quincy Jones advised all of the stars to check their ego’s at the door and focus on “one common denominator,” because there was much work to be done.” This is certainly a “We are the World” moment for the city and the citizens of Miami-Dade County.

I have been fortunate enough to attend F.I.U. along with some of the top administrators within Miami-Dade County via The Administrative Office of the Courts and received invaluable business skills and life lessons in their: Academy for Strategic Management- Excellence & Ethics in Management” course.

What an excellent move not to have press or politicians at the forum, so the participants can be free to be open and honest about what they perceive to be good business sense and what’s just not working.

I like it! . . . . . . . . . I like it! . . . . . .. I like It!

The forum will be held at the Leadership Center at FIU’s Business school, which is the brainchild of retired FIU President Modesto “Mitch” Maidique, said Myra Beers, Director of Operations.

** Reporters are also welcome to interview participants as they have lunch afterward.**


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