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Miami’s Liberty Square Drive-by shootings of kids imitates a “New Jack’s City” Reality

In watching the movie “New Jack City” on the big screen, it seemed unfathomable that a drug gang could actually take control of an entire apartment complex, considering that this a made for entertainment movie.

But what do you say, when life imitates art on a day to day basis? It has become painfully clear to the residents of Liberty Square aka Pork & Beans apartment complex, its local police department and the general public -at -large that this neighborhood [bordered at 62nd Street to the south, 67th Street to the north; West 12th Avenue to the east and West 15th Avenue to the west] is under seized by drug related elements and activities.

Everyone and everything appears to be a target, whether you are moving are standing still. It’s an all out war with no end in sight. A sort of “kill or be-killed mentality has taken over!

The victims range in age from babies to adults and the shootings could just as easily occur in the quiet of the morning as the sun begins to rise, in the heat of the day or it can occur under the blanket of a dark night.

Even before Liberty Square can recover and heal from one shooting, another one has occurred, sometimes its two in one day. Where does it end? When will it end? And who will take responsibility for its end? Or is it an area too besieged by drugs and crimes to salvage?


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