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Burger King has a Drive- through . . . . “NOT” a Dive -through: Somebody should have told Edwin Walker

Dumb and Dumber: Edwin Walker, 31, dived- through the open window of the drive -through with the help of a un-suspecting customer , as the customer was pulling up to the window to get their food; Walker was able to grab some money from the cash register and was headed on his way out . . . you guessed it! Through that same window before he was pulled from behind!

The Burger King is located at 555 W. Broward Blvd, Monday at around 6:20 a.m. After wrestling with the cashier , Walker was getting ready to dive back through the drive-in window , but Tanya Calvin an employee of Burger King refused to let him get away, grabbing him by the shirt. With all the commotion going on in her area, other employees soon joined her in an effort to detain Walker until the police arrived.

Walker was arrested on one count of strong arm robbery, police said.

“He wanted to take the money and I wouldn’t let him. It was either me or him, and it was him,” said Walker. On Tuesday, Walker appeared in Broward magistrate court, where Judge John “Jay” Hurley sat his bail at $10,000.

Simply Amazing . . . . You just can’t make this up!!!

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