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Occupy Miami Apartment Building Raided by Police

*** Viewer Discretion Advised . . . This is Raw Footage . . . Adult Language Included ***

Occupy Miami Apartment Building Raided by Police; Members Reportedly Questioned About Weapons

As we were leaving to do a march and rally multiple trucks and cars filled with SWAT looking officers with military armament came and drew their weapons on us and proceeded to round up all Occupiers and tenants and put them on the ground along with searching us and most rooms in the building. They had assault rifles and tactical shotguns. They were accompanied by FBI Agents and City of Miami police. These people were extremely violent and looked anxious to use their weapons so the first video was taken under my leg. This time I said to hell with it and just held the camera out in plain view and even narrated. Enjoy this chilling peak of the future police state.

They said that they had gotten a tip that we had ‘long guns’ and were going to use them at our protest,” Occupy member Thomas Parisi told Miami New Times. “But we are a peaceful movement and told them that we had no intention of doing anything like that.”


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