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Continuing Update on the senseless “Killing” of Trayvon Martin

Seeking Justice for Trayvon Martin:Please Listen to The 911-Tape as several panic neighbors call an report that someone is screaming for help, heard one shot and then complete silence! It’s Heart Wrenching!!!

After hearing the pure raw emotions coming from the neighbors at the complex and the cries for help coming from Trayvon Martin, do you still think it was self-defense?

The sad reality is that there were people within ear shot of Trayvon’s cries for help but was paralyzed with fear to do anything.

“Where is the justice in this un-just and senseless killing?”

What if anything would you have done?

If that was your child lying on the ground crying out for help, fighting for his life, starring death in the face, while a sick and demented man with a gun points at his chest, pen’s him down; determined to take a life , would you have wanted someone to help him/her?

Please leave your comments, thanks!

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