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Shocking Update from Two Neighbors who witness George Zimmerman on his knees Straddling Trayvon Martin’s Back!

Click on this link to see the interview between Anderson Cooper and two of the witnesses

At least two witnesses heard the sound of someone mourning just outside their door. One of the witnesses went to their back door and ask George Zimmerman, “What’s going on?” Zimmerman was still pressing against Martin’s back. Zimmerman did not respond until she asks him for the third time, “What’s going on?”

Only then did Zimmerman finally responded and said “call the police!”

The witnesses stated that once Zimmerman realized that they had witnessed him straddling Martin’s back, did he then jump up, began to pace back and forth, put his hands to his head as though to make the expression “What have I done?” [First Degree Murder and nothing less]

As each day pass and more information are revealed, bits and pieces of this puzzle are finally taking shape. “I wondered all alone as to why the police found Martin’s body face down.”

It has also been established that Trayvon Martin was on his cell phone with his girlfriend from the very beginning and it has been revealed that she knows exactly what took place between Zimmerman and Martin, up until George Zimmerman jumped Martin from behind and that would explain why the police found Martin’s body face down. [First Degree Murder and nothing less]


George Zimmerman acting as a wanna-be cop made the initial contact by approaching Martin for whatever reason.

George Zimmerman attempted to engage in dialogue with Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin attempted to walk away.

George Zimmerman attempted to follow Trayvon.

There was never a fight; Zimmerman jumped Trayvon Martin from behind.

After Martin was knocked to the ground, he began to cry out for help.

Martin did not see the gun as he was then lying on the ground with his face to the side, but he felt George Zimmerman’s weight on him and the gun pressed up against his flesh.

George Zimmerman told Martin to “shut up” but he did not because Martin knew death was at his door.

After George Zimmerman shot Martin; Martin was still alive, He didn’t die immediately.

Zimmerman realizing Martin was still alive began to press against his back, speeding up death.

Trayvon Martin,17, died on February 26, 2012 in the United States of America because “HE WAS BLACK!”

Several witnesses called the police to report at first a fight [but there was no fight, Martin was jumped from behind, fell to the ground, attempted to get up but could not because of the weight disadvantage, was shot but did not die but eventually succumbed to death as a secondary result of Zimmerman pressing against his back, until life was no more.

Why did it take the Sanford Police Department almost 30 minutes to get to the scene of a reported shooting?

Did George Zimmerman, himself, call the Sanford Police Department after he shot Trayvon Martin?

Where is the cell phone that Martin was on when Zimmerman jumped him from behind?

It is obvious that George Zimmerman and the Sanford Police Department has close ties since Zimmerman calls 9-11 almost everyday, if not everyday.

Due to “The Appearance of Impropriety” and the relationship between Zimmerman and Sanford Police Department, there certainly should be an independent investigation conducted by the F.B.I. and The Department of Justice.

There should also be an investigation into how many deaths or injuries have occurred in that surrounding area, which did not warrant the minimum of taking a statement from the person that fired a weapon that resulted in injury or death.

If it’s not already a law, it should be a law that requires everyone who purchases a hand gun to submit to a criminal background check including finger prints on file with the local police department. The finger prints should be kept in a national data-base system. Ultimately setting up a check and balance system in an effort to cut down on weapons winding up in the wrong hands.


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  1. this is not happen again please do not let this man yes this man get away with this or the is no justice system someone please fight for this young boy young black boy

    Comment by mom | March 21, 2012 | Reply

    • George Zimmerman may be in hiding but he can not hide from the fact that he murdered an innocent young man on February 26, 2012 and must pay for his crime. There are too many witnesses stepping forward to dispel the lie that Zimmerman was acting in self defense.

      People from all over the world, [Canada, Italy, Australia, Brazil and beyond] are calling and writing me concerning this case. Zimmerman took Trayvon Martin’s life but his spirit is still very much alive and it’s saying “we’re on the right track and don’t give up until Zimmerman is behind bars.”


      Comment by brp305 | March 21, 2012 | Reply

      • This observation of Zimmerman straddling the boy’s body on his knees is very very very important. It is very strong proof that this was in no way self defense. The reason why is this: They made this observation within seconds of the gun shot. What this means is that Zimmerman was almost certainly in that position when he shot the boy. It was also reported that the boys arms and hands were under his body when the police came on the scene. What this means is that at the time Zimmerman shot the boy he had the boy pinned down, face down, on the ground. He shot Martin in the back and the bullet must have gone all the way through. This is how the police were able to say he shot the kid in the chest. When the women mad their observation Zimmerman was still holding the boy down after he shot him.

        If one listens to the rest of the interview it becomes very clear that the main struggle took place about 2 houses away. Martin appears to have briefly escaped Zimmerman and was able to run away to about two houses down the street. At this point it looks like Zimmerman caught up with him, tackled him, pinned him to the ground with Martins hand under his body, drew his gun, ans shot Martin in the back.

        It should also be noted that when one listens to the testimony of these two women the crying for help did not begin until after the Zimmerman re-caught Martin and pinned him to the ground. What these means is that the crying for help was almost certainly Martin. Zimmerman was just smart and lied and told the police it was him crying for help. Voice analysis is going to be done on the 911 tapes to find out for sure.

        Comment by Daniel Haze | March 22, 2012

      • Thank you so much Mr. Daniel Haze! You confirmed what I already knew. It was indeed Trayvon Martin crying out for help and at the time of the shooting,” there was no fight!”

        George Zimmerman attacked Trayvon Martin from behind and shot him in the back! George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin on the night of February 26, 2012 in these United States in “Cold Blood!” These are all facts!

        George Zimmerman already confessed to shooing Trayvon Martin and it has been established that “The Stand Your Ground” law does not apply to him as he was the aggressor on more than one occasion.

        My question is, “What is the Sanford Police Department waiting on?”

        This man needs to be arrested, “NOW!” and Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee needs to be fired, “NOW!”

        Comment by brp305 | March 22, 2012

  2. useful details precisely what I desired when I asked for this to seek out by means of google.

    Comment by news | March 22, 2012 | Reply

  3. community watch programs,do we really need them??citizen informants,do you really know you neighbor??were told the police are there to help us,should we trust them??citizen corp.,tips,weed and seed program/cfda number 16.595,community oriented policing services(cops),gpra reporting information,community prosecution planning and implemention,mentioned here,some programs worth looking into,that say they stand for one thing but the exact opposite is covered up by presents data on them,very gangstalking??justice will be served for mr. and mrs.martin and the loss of their son.until then, love thy neighbor,take care of your family,watch your friends back,protect your children.these programs along with the one that Trayvon Martin was killed are programs directed by and programs of:THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE and the F.B.I. justice will be served!!

    Comment by J.J. | March 23, 2012 | Reply

    • J.J.,
      Thank you for your prospective on community watch programs. The question of “Do you really know your neighbor?” Is a valid one and I would love to get more feedback in this area. I’ve lived in my community for more than 15 years; I see my next door neighbor occasionally and say “hi! But, “do I know my neighbor; the answer would be “NO!”

      Comment by brp305 | March 23, 2012 | Reply

  4. One of my first questions was whether Trayvon was shot in the chest or the back. I can’t find that answer anywhere in the articles that I’ve read.

    Bless Trayvon’s family during this horrendous painful time. I am hopeful that every single thing comes to light and justice is served on Zimmerman.

    Comment by S Wilson | March 24, 2012 | Reply

    • S Wilson,
      Trayvon Martin was shot in the back and the bullet went completely through his body and exit his chest. Please make sure you you scroll down and read Daniel Haze comments. By that time, it was Trayvon’s second encounter with George Zimmerman.

      The reason that the last two witnesses couldn’t say that they heard a fight or scuffle outside their back yard is because there was no fight. George Zimmerman approached Trayvon Martin once again, this time from behind, catching Martin off guard because Martin was on his cell phone talking with his girlfriend.

      Martin’s girlfriend will play an integral part in this case, because she was on the phone with Martin when George Zimmerman first approached him and continued to stay on the phone until Zimmerman shot Martin in the back causing him to drop the phone and the connection.

      George Zimmerman is a disillusioned police reject and spineless coward, who played “Beverly Hills cop” by night appointing himself as the neigborhood watch captain, then hid behind his own prejudices’ with a loaded gun. I guarantee you that if the investigators check his home, they would find a pair of handcuffs. “There will be no peace until Zimmerman is where he belongs, in jail and charged with “First Degree Premeditated Murder!” I wonder how tough he will be then!

      Comment by brp305 | March 24, 2012 | Reply

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