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Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee : Temporarily Steps Down

Norton N. Bonaparte, Jr., Sanford City Manager

Police Chief Bill Lee, Jr. is forced to temporarily step down, a day after Sanford City Commissioners gave him a vote of no confidence.

As Police Chief Lee gives his statement he was still defiant and insists that he did the right thing by not charging George Zimmerman with the murder of Trayvon Martin.

It is obvious that like Zimmerman, Lee has made up his mind about the shooting of Martin and he’s not going to take a second look at this case, in spite of all the evidence that contradicts Zimmerman claims.

While Bill Lee has only held the position of Chief of Police in Sanford for 10 months, he has been with the department for 27 years and if he can’t see anything wrong with his decision, it is obvious that he is not the right person to be in charge of The Sanford Police Department or represent the City of Sanford.

In the best interest of the City of Sanford, Florida and it’s Police Department, Bill Lee’s permanent separation is the only thing that will bring confidence and a sense of security to the residents of the city and it’s visitors.

In the interim, two captains will head the department until a replacement is found, according to City Manager Norton Bonaparte, Jr.

The city manager did not specify whether Lee would continue to be paid $102.00 salary or when he would return to his job as police chief.

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