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Florida has become the latest “Joke for Justice” : Other State Police Departments have volunteered to come an Arrest George Zimmernman

You are now entering the Sunshine aka Gunshine State: Good-luck !!!

You must visit this site-It provides a tremendous amount of information about Sanford,Florida and the Prejudices of America!

Why is it necessary to make the Sanford Police Department do the job they were trained to do? They were trained, I hope? I don’t know which police academy they attended, but the State of Florida should request a refund. Maybe they were so busy covering up all the “Stand Your Ground” cases to make it to the academy? One thing is painfully clear, “something is very wrong with this police department and its administration!”

What does it mean “to temporarily step aside?” Is it like being “a little pregnant?” Will Bill Lee be on administrative leave with pay? If so, then he would be on vacation at the taxpayers’ expense. How nice, while the State of Florida is once again becoming the “State of Stupidity” and the laughing stock worldwide for its ignorance of its own law.

I know, some people must be asking themselves, “Are they for real?” George Zimmerman is still free? Why? So much so, that other state police departments has volunteered to come down to poor Sanford, Florida and arrest George Zimmerman for the Sanford Police Department.

Every legal counsel, professor and even the co-author of “The Stand Your Ground Law” is wondering, “When will Sanford Police Department arrest George Zimmerman?”

One by one the legal scholars all came to the same conclusion. George Zimmerman has no legal standing under “The Stand Your Ground Law” after he willfully disobeyed the dispatcher that told him ‘Not to pursue Trayvon Martin” but yet he did. At that moment he lost all his rights entitled under that law, as he became the aggressor. I guess Lee forgot to tell Zimmerman that!

Ironically, Bill Lee stepping aside temporarily, did nothing to calm the raging storm, as long as “George Zimmerman is out free and not arrested,” the storm rages on.

My fear is that by the time Sanford Police Department wake-up from their comma, its going to be to late, because there will be so much rage and anger directed at Sanford, from the North, South, East & West like a volcano eruption, the city will implode on itself.


It’s going to be interesting to see who will be the next person in your community to declare, I shot him in self-defense and “I was Standing My Ground!”


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