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Alice Bernstein interview with the late Rev. Addie L. Wyatt

The Rev. Addie L. Wyatt – – an advocate for workers rights and civil rights – –
died Wednesday at the age of 88 after a long illness, said her adminstrative aide.

Wyatt, who was the first female president of a local chapter of the United Packinghouse Workers of America, worked with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Montgomery Improvement Association in Alabama and endured violent opposition during marches with King in Chicago in the 1960s.


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Trayvon Martin – Feel Stronger “Music Video” by J.Scar

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Kids on Race: The Hidden Picture by Anderson Cooper

Why are so many Caucasians afraid to just let their kids be kids and explore relationships as they develop? Why do so many teach and really put the fear of God in them too only be friends or associate with people whose skin color looks like theirs?

That would be okay, I suppose if you could find a place in all the United States that represent what they are trying to instill in the minds of innocence. But, that’s not reality and it’s not even close too what will be their kid’s reality as they mature into adults.

Could this be the reason that after there kids reach adulthood, the now racist grown child has problems living and integrating into society as you know it?

What about the kids that are the same color but from vey different parts of the world? It would be interesting to see what type of conversation that their racist [white or black] parents would have to say about that.

Fortunately, with various social media outlets and computers, the young minds are beginning to question the theory “of only associate with people that have the same skin color” hand down by their racist [white or black] parents and are beginning to challenge such negative and hateful notions and references to not just people of color but anyone who is inherently different from them.

As you see more and more bi-racial couples marry and have families, even in the midst of racial hatred, you have to believe that eventually you will see the common thread of humanism and not the threat of hatred that has been a part of America’s history since its inception.

My thoughts on racism are very simple:

“Racism is a learned behavior. Only people with inferiority complexes teach their children to hate and not associate with someone because of the color of their skin.”

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