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Trayvon Martin Case is Full of Cover-up and Loaded with Deceit

George Zimmerman called Frank Taafe just before encountering Trayvon Martin for the second and fatal time to tell Taafe that he was following Martin and Taafe being the forever friend that he is went to assist Zimmerman with the take-down but Zimmerman was so trigger happy, by the time that Taafe arrived on the scene, Zimmerman had already fired the fatal shot that would eventually take Martin’s life.

It’s imperative to note, that when Taafe showed up on the scene, Martin was still alive, barely, but still alive. Martin succumbed to his wound after Taafe arrived at the scene but before Sanford Police arrived.

It is purported that the picture of Zimmerman’s wounded head was taken two minutes after Zimmerman shot and killed Martin. One thing is for sure is that the police had not arrived yet.

So who took the pictures of Zimmerman’s head that quickly, rather than render assistance to Zimmerman? Let me guess! Frank Taafe! And I wonder how that conversation went: wanna-be cop Zimmerman says to Taafe, “I just shot this dude in self-defense, take a picture of the back of my head for evidence.” Sure says Taafe, “hold still.” Really!

The investigator should meet Frank Taafe at the polygraph examiners office so that he can tell his story one more time and maybe this time, it will be almost the truth. There is no way that Taafe could show up on the scene that quickly unless he was contacted by Zimmerman prior to the fatal confrontation with Martin.

The public have been in an uproar for weeks over this case and conveniently just before bond hearing is scheduled to take place a picture of George Zimmerman’s blood soaked head magically appears out of no where. This picture certainly was not part of the evidence collected by Sanford Police on the night of the murder because they didn’t collect any evidence and exactly when did Sanford Police arrest George Zimmerman and take him to the station. It wasn’t that night because they didn’t arrest him.

By Sanford Chief Bill Lee own admission, he encountered Zimmerman in handcuffs but before he left the scene that night, he ordered the officers to take the handcuffs off of Zimmerman as Chief Lee ascertained that he would not be pressing charges against Zimmerman based on the fact that Zimmerman said that he shot and killed Martin in self defense and is exercising his” stand your ground rights.” So, tell me again! When was Zimmerman arrested?

Remember! Martin’s body was picked up and originally tagged at the morgue as a “John Doe.” Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee considered the case closed. It was Martin’s father that contacted the police department in search of his son and thus the nightmare began.

It would be interesting to read the report from the paramedics that treated George Zimmerman on the scene and exactly how it is worded in respect to Zimmerman’s wounded head and what if anything it said about finding Trayvon Martin’s dead body lying in the grass, face down.


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