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One L Goh ordered held without bail in Oakland College mass killings

One L Goh made his initial court appearance Wednesday before Judge Sandra Bean and was ordered held without bail on charges of seven counts of murder with special circumstances and three counts or attempted murder in the mass shooting this week at Oikos University in Oakland.

The deceased are:
Tshering Rinzing Bhutia, 38
Doris Ifeyinwa Chibuko, 40
Sonam Choedon, 33
Grace Eunhea Kim, 23
Katleen Ping, 24
Judith Ona Seymour, 53
Lydia H. Sim, 21

Ping was killed in the commission of a kidnapping, and Bhutia was killed in connection with the carjacking of his vehicle.

Goh is also charged with the attempted murder of:
Dawinder Kaur, 19,
Ahmad Javid Sayeed, 36
Grace Kirika, 43.

Goh allegedly used a 45-caliber gun with four fully loaded magazines of ammunition and most of the rounds were fired, said Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan.

Goh, 43, who is Korean-American, was upset over not getting some of his money back for tuition he had paid, and it is also clear that he focused on one particular administrator at the school who was not present at the school on Monday, the day of the shooting.

Goh’s next court appearance is April 30.


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Whitney Houston drowned in a foot of hot water: Accident or Opportunist

It would be so easy to discount Whitney Houston’s death as an accident due to contributing factors, such as Cocaine, Xanax and Alcohol.

Yet the coroner repeatedly states that the level of sedative found in her blood was low.

Empty beer bottles were also found in her room but alcohol was not detected in her body.

Houston suffered several scald burns on her face at the time of her death and she was found in the tub face down.

You have to wonder if at the time of her death, did Houston voluntarily used cocaine or if someone intentionally gave her an over-dose.

Where is the person that felt he had to clean-up the room before the police arrive?

And who was he protecting, Houston or himself?

And why did he leave the country?

Nope! It’s too easy to say that Houston had a terrible accident because surely, that wouldn’t be questioned due to her history.

But on that day! And the few minutes leading up to her untimely death . . . what really happened . . . to leave Houston face down in a foot of hot scaling water . . . surrounded by bodyguards?

“This is not the end of the story even though the book has closed and her life is no more!”

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Dallas Area Survives a Series of Tornadoes as It sends Tractor Trailers Airborne & Flatten Homes

The National Weather Service in Dallas-Forth Worth estimates that between six and thirteen tornadoes may have touched down in North Texas on Tuesday. Surprisingly, there are no reports of deaths, so far.

Rescuers plan to search the Dallas area again Wednesday for anyone that may be trapped after the violent tornadoes flattened homes and sent tracker trailers and debris flying through the air like paper kites.

“It was like “The Wizard of Oz. My body is sore from being in the corner, but I have not a cut, not a scratch, and I’m thankful. Thank you, Lord, said Gwen Dabbs.”

Dabbs was not able to make it to an interior room before the storm blew her windows out. So she huddled in a corner of her living room covered with blankets as the tornado passed.

read more . . .

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FBI formally begins Civil Rights Investigation in the Trayvon Martin Case

The FBI has begun a “parallel investigation” at the Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, Florida, focusing on whether the civil rights of Trayvon Martin were violated. The FBI actively started on Monday by interviewing potential witnesses in the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Agents are also seeking information into George Zimmerman’s background and whether he was racially motivated when he pursued Martin after calling a 911 police dispatcher about Martin’s presence in the community, an FBI official told NBC.

Craig Sonner, Zimmerman’s lawyer, still insists that his client, who has a white father and Hispanic mother, is not racist.

“This was not a case of racial profiling; George Zimmerman is not a racist, Sonner told NBC News on Sunday”.

Sonner told Reuters on Monday that Zimmerman would turn himself in to police should he be charged.

“The Wheels of Justice” finally appears to be turning in the right direction in spite of a maze of roadblocks in respect to “Justice for Trayvon Martin!”

The Truth is beginning to catch up with the lies and deceit of many! Through prayers and perseverance, Trayvon Martin’s Voice will be heard!!! “Too God Be the Glory!!!”

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1993 VIDEO: Joe Oliver (George Zimmerman defender ), CNN anchor

1993 VIDEO: Joe Oliver (George Zimmerman defender ), CNN anchor.

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Two Independent Voice Identification Experts Conclude: Screams for Help “NOT THAT OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN!”

Two independent voice identification experts examined the 911 tapes independent of each other but came to the same conclusion. “THE VOICE HEARD CRYING OUT FOR HELP ON THE 911 TAPE IS NOT THE VOICE OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN.”

The voice examiners used George Zimmerman’s voice from the call that he initiated to 911 as comparison.

Tom Owen, of Owen Forensic Services LLC and Chair Emeritus for the American Board of Recorded Evidence, with more than 30 years of experience states:

The voice heard crying for help on the 911 call just before Trayvon Martin was shot to death “WAS NOT THAT OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN” and he believes the evidence is strong enough to use in court, as he just wrapped up testifying on a murder trial that helped convict a defendant in a previous case.

Tom Owen further states that he believes the test will be admissible in court and it has a certainty rate of 99 percent.

Jeff Weiner of Orlando Sentinel ask Owen to review the 911 Tape.

Click here to listen to interview with Tom Owen

The other independent voice identification expert is Ed Primo who also reviewed a copy of Trayvon Martin’s 911 Tape with the screams for help, also concluded that the screams for help “WAS NOT THAT OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN!”

“Mr. Joe Oliver what does your gut tell you now?”

One by one, every action that George Zimmerman said Trayvon Martin committed against him is the complete opposite. With that said, in the future if you want to know the truth, “listen to George Zimmerman and flip-the-script, then unknowing to Zimmerman, you will have the truth!”

George Zimmerman saw what he describes as a stranger in his community and since “the a–holes always get away with it,” he made it his mission to make sure that this one didn’t get away.

Zimmerman proceeded to follow, stop and challenge Martin and when Martin didn’t say what Zimmerman wanted to hear, Zimmerman took matters into his own hands and continued to stalk Martin, catching him from behind; then proceeded to shot and kill an innocent man on February 26, 2012 and nothing that he, his team or Sanford Police can do to right that wrong [because clearly on the 911 tape Trayvon Martin was pleading for his life] but arrest Zimmerman, irrespective of who his father is and “Charge Him With the Premeditated Murder of Trayvon Martin.”

Do The Right Thing!!! Arrest George Zimmerman!!! Do The Right Thing!!! Arrest George Zimmerman!!!

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