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Federal Court Holds Ocwen Must Comply With Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Federal Court Holds Ocwen Must Comply With Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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Remembering The Fallen on Memorial Day

The Thing About Remembering is That You Never Forget!


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Who will preserve Trayvon Martin’s Right to Stand His Ground?

While much has been made about George Zimmerman’s right to “stand your ground,” who will preserve Trayvon Martin’s right to “stand his ground?” while he is laying in a cold grave unable to give his account of what happened that fatal night.

Or, is it that the “stand your ground” law only applies to the living because the dead can’t talk? Who will speak for the other party in this equation? Can’t you see the flaw in such a law?

No one, apart from George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin knows all the facts and details into what happened that fatal night. With that being said, it is more probable than not, that the person left standing will give accounts of the events to benefit him or herself.

The Sanford Police Department in conjunction with the crime scene investigators, photographers and the medical examiner each are tasked to perform in their prospective roles and allow the evidence (Zimmerman’s clothes, gun, fingerprints, injuries or lack there of, shoes, cell phone, statement, the position of Martin’s body, what was discovered on Martin’s person, Martin’s blood, the trajectory of the gun, the bullets entry and exit, gun-powder on the victim as well as the defendant, any statements, eye witnesses, etc.) to tell the story.

Only after all conceivable facts are in and no stone is left uncovered can the parties attempt to come to a logical conclusion as to what happened that night.

As for former Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee questioning Zimmerman on the scene and releasing him; it is humanely impossible for Chief Lee to make such a legal conclusion in a confrontation that resulted in a loss of life in a matter of minutes or even hours.

Only two people know what really happened that night, one is dead and can’t defend himself and the other is hiding behind the “stand your ground” law.

As previously stated, no one knows what really happened that night that claim the life of Trayvon Martin. But one thing is for sure! George Zimmerman approached Trayvon Martin and what about Martin’s “Right to Stand His Ground?”

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Miami Beach Police arrested New York Knicks guard J. R. Smith for driving without a valid driver’s license

It appears that New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith will take the top distinction of being the first person to be arrested on Miami Beach during the busy Memorial Day weekend.

Apparently, he didn’t get my tweet in respect to having everything in order, before he attempts to cruise South Beach this weekend.

“What did I say?”


Allegedly, when Miami Beach Sgt. Bobby Hernandez ran a routine check on Smith they found an outstanding bench warrant in addition too the charge of not having a valid driver’s license and placed him under arrest.

It is not known what traffic infraction Smith committed that led to the original stop, which took place around 8:30 p.m. Smith was taken to Miami-Dade County Jail, where officials say he bonded out early Friday.

J. R. Smith aka Earl Joseph Smith was drafted by the New Orleans Hornets in 2004, and is currently with the New York Knicks.

Well J.R. what can I say?

“Welcome to Miami and cruise on someone else dime . . . It’ll save you some time. PEACE OUT!!!

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Hewlett-Packard cuts 27,000 Jobs to Save Billions

In an effort to restructure itself, Hewlett-Packard plans to lay off 27,000 workers, which equates to about 8 percent of its workforce over the next two years.

Hewlett-Packard expects to generate a savings of between $3 billion to $3.5 billion by the end of fiscal year 2014. The savings will be reinvested into the company.

“Even though the restructure was a difficult decision because of the job losses, it was necessary in order to maintain the long term health of the company.We are setting HP on a path to extend our global leadership and deliver the greatest value to customers and shareholders.” CEOMeg Whitman said.

Some of the employees will take the early retirement program offered by the company, so the total number of employees affected by the layoffs will be determined by the number of employees opting to make good on the early retirement option. The layoffs are expected to be completed by October 2014.

Hewlett-Packard expects to use the savings to boost three main areas of operation, “cloud, big data and security.” HP shares (HPQ) rose about 7 percent to $22.48 in after-market trading on news of the company’s cost-cutting plan and quarterly results. The share price has fallen nearly 50 percent over the past.

Hewlett-Packard earned $1.6 billion, or 80 cent per share, during its second quarter ending in April. That represented a 31 percent decline from $2.3 billion, or $1.05 per share, at the same time last year.

To pay for severance and other restructuring cost Hewlett-Packard expects to take a pre-tax charge around $1.7 billion in the current fiscal year, which ends in October. The company expects to take additional charges of $1.8 billion through fiscal 2014.

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Jackson Health System: Slowly Moving in the Right Direction

It’s not easy for Jackson Health System to come to terms with the realization that what has worked for more than 30 years is no longer applicable by today’s standards. The late great Michael Jackson asks each of us to “take a look at the man-in-the mirror and do we like what we see!” And, if the answer is “no” then what are we going to do about it?”

For Jackson Health System to look at itself in the mirror and then commit to change is the first step in healing itself. Nobody said it would be easy or that it would feel good but in everybody’s heart of hearts, they knew that it would be a painful but necessary process, if indeed Jackson wanted to stop the bleeding and fight for its very existence.

While Jackson Health System is in better fiscal health than it was six months ago, it is still receiving oxygen and cannot quite breathe on its own but it’s getting better and better as each day pass, but do not be deceived, Jackson has an insurmountable mountain, yet to climb.

According to Jackson’s own fiscal report, the system is projected to be below 10 days of cash on hand for June, July and August. With that starling fact staring them in the face, Jackson does not have the luxury of waiting for a planned day-long retreat on June 22 to discuss strategy. (Exactly what will the finance department do in the meantime while Jackson continues to bleed with overruns?)

Unfortunately, emergency or critical care does not take a holiday. The operations of Jackson is not going to be placed on hold while Chief Financial Officer Mark Knight, Carlos Migoya and others decide what if anything can be done to slow down expenditures and speed up the flow of revenue.

In an effort to continue to be one of the premier health facilities in Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe County, Jackson should sponsor low or no cost health fairs throughout the community to highlight the latest medical breakthrough’s and the advantages of receiving healthcare from Jackson Health System.

Also, Jackson should absolutely take advantage of the far reaching power of the internet via Facebook, twitter and last but not least and perhaps the most powerful, “you-tube.” Jackson Health System should have a continuous up-dated video of the nuances of their operation and its value to the immediate as well as surrounding communities.

Jackson Health System should always beware of any grants, public or private that would benefit both the hospital as well as the community. Jackson should always be in a fund raising mode and take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself as a vehicle in that direction.

Jackson should also seek out volunteers that can fill the void in Human Resources and other departments that require skills in administration, computers, etc.; Jackson would be surprised how many people would volunteer their time while seeking employment or retired senior executives who would be willing to offer several meaningful hours a week.

Jackson Health System should have a roadmap with graphs and charts to do a comparison analysis of where it was a year ago; where it is today and where it hopes to be a year, five years and ten years from now; with a best practice model and mentors to ultimately help them to achieve their goals.

Moving forward however, Jackson Health System must adhere to strict rules and regulations as well as checks and balances, so that the situation that they find themselves in today will never happen again.

Jackson Health System can correct itself and come out as an institution worthy of the title, “The Crown Jewel of the Community!” but it needs to keep its “eyes on the prize!”

Good luck to you, Jackson! And “God Bless Every Hand that Plays a Part in Keeping Jackson Health System Moving into the Future and Beyond!”

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video credit: Hezekiah Walker
“I Need You to Survive!”

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