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10 Postal Workers begin Hunger Strike to Save Jobs

Desperate time’s calls for desperate measures as 10 current and former postal workers launched more than 3-day hunger strike Monday to protest looming cuts and closures at the U.S. Postal Service.

The postal workers want the Postal Service to delay its July plans to start closing or consolidating 48 mail processing plants. By the end of 2014, when the plan to shrink the postal network is completed, 220 plants will be consolidated or closed and 28,000 jobs will be gone.

The postal workers also want Congress to eliminate a mandate that has been a major financial drag on the service annual $5.5 billion payments to prefund healthcare benefits for future retirees. The workers believe that eliminating the mandate would solve the Postal Service’s financial problems.

Unfortunately the statistician’s that report on the number of unemployed or underemployed is not being truthful to the public. The real number of unemployed workers are close to 70 million people.

Haven’t you wondered why the politicians keep saying that we created 100,000 jobs last month, but you personally can’t tell the difference? Initially when you hear the number 100,000 new jobs, you want to rejoice and say, hooray!

However, when you put that figure in prospective, with respect to the number of unemployed or underemployed workers, it’s only a period at the end of a sentence.

Driving or walking through the neighborhood, the reality of the economy hits you in your gut, when you see so many cars still in their driveway long after 9:00 am and you continue to drive out of your neighborhood and you see so many cars on the road as though they don’t know what else to do or who to turn too.

It is understandable for the postal workers to do all that is humanely possible to save their jobs and jobs of their peers. Unfortunately, the money is just not there nor are any possibilities that monies are coming in the future.

The Postal Service as well as the postal workers is caught in a no-win situation. You could probably debate both sides of the equation and agree with everyone, but in order for a business to survive, they must restructure. Anytime you mention restructure, it really means job cuts.

Good luck to the postal workers as they put on the fight of their life in an effort to preserve their jobs!

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Two Trains Collide in Oklahoma: 3 Crewmembers Missing

Two trains collided Sunday near the Oklahoma Panhandle town of Goodwell, sparking a diesel fire and forcing the closure of a stretch of highway. Three people are missing.

The accident happened shortly after 10:00 a.m. on tracks approximately two miles east of Goodwell.

A westbound train consisting of three locomotives and 80 rail cars collided with an eastbound intermodal train consisting of four locomotives and 108 rail cars says Union Pacific Railroad spokeswoman Raquel Espinoza.

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Jerry Sandusky Former Penn State Assistant Coach: Found Guilty on 45 of 48 Counts of Sexual Abuse of Boys

Jerry Sandusky former Penn State assistant coach was “found guilty” of 45 of the 48 counts related to his sexual abuse of boys. He showed no emotion during the reading of the verdict.

Judge John Cleland addressed his comments directly to Sandusky and said “you have been found guilty by a jury of your peers and your sentencing would take place in about 90 days.”

Jerry Sandusky was immediately taken into custody and while he was being escorted out of the courthouse, he managed to wave to his wife, Dottie Sandusky.

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Your Gift Will Make Room for You: Ask Miami Heat Player Mario Chalmers

I’m sure doing the 2012 NBA Finals, Mario Chalmers has pondered the question, “when will I get an opportunity to shine?” God requires every person that has a gift to continue to cultivate and perfect your gift and God will open up an opportunity for the world to see you shine.

Bishop Victor T. Curry, D. Min, D. Div., of New Birth Baptist Church Cathedral of Faith International located at 2300 NW 135th Street in North Miami, FL, often says doing his sermons that “Your Gift Will Make Room for You!” Gift meaning your blessing or craft, whatever you do best.

It’s a simplistic statement that requires deep thought. . . Let’s pause for a moment to ponder that thought!

“Last night in living color, I guess you can say that Mario Chalmers gift was shining for all the world to see, being one of the key Miami Heat players to score 25 points, including the Heat‘s final five points in the game to solidify the game and push the Heat to victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Don’t get me wrong! There were other key players that contributed to the teams’ overall victory, but we need to acknowledge the player or players that are consistently hustling but sometimes get over looked by the media because they’re not in the top 3.

Mario Chalmers, step forward and take a bow, savor in the moment for a minute, then get back in it… the game that is … because we still have one more game . . . to win it… All that is … And bring the Championship back to Miami… So, that we can do what we do best. . . Party!

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Brand or Generic Medicine: Does it Matter? Yes! If You’re in the Hospital

Ask Carrie Scott if brand or generic medicine makes a difference.  Unfortunately, she learned the hard way, and not only did it cost her, a left arm, but also malpractice and punitive damages as a result of choosing generic over brand in the hospital.

From a moral standpoint, the verdict is still out as to, at what juncture did the hospital staff ask her if she wanted brand or generic. Can you remember being admitted to the hospital for any kind of procedure and the staff asks you whether you wanted brand or generic medication?

Chances are, however, everyone that reads this article will be more informed in the future and will request only “brand medication” when going into a healthcare facility.

In 2208,  Carrie Scott , 78, went to  J. Paul Jones Hospital for rectal bleeding and woke up without her  left arm. Days later, she returned home in Camden, Alabama, with only one arm after a nurse administered the “generic form of Phenergan”, which “should be injected into a muscle, by IV, pushed into a vein.”

Carrie Scott, 78, sued the “generic’s manufacturer, Baxter Healthcare,” claiming that the instructions for injecting the drug left room for the hospital’s error, which led to the loss of her left arm to gangrene. “The manufacturer should have warned medical personnel how to properly administer the drug,” says Leila Watson, Scott’s attorney.

 But Scott’s lawsuit and nearly 50 others have been dismissed:

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last June that “generic drug makers” cannot be sued under state law for failing to warn patients about a drug’s dangerous side effects as long as their labels follow those of the brand-name counterparts, as required by federal law.


That holds true even if a generic maker knows its label hasn’t been updated with newly surfaced safety problems.

Approximately, 76 percent of older Americans take two or more prescription drugs, 80 percent of which are “generic,” according to the Food and Drug Administration.

If Scott had been injected with the brand-name drug, she could have continued in her lawsuit. But it was not the case.

“I wish I had been able to check it out before they gave it to me,” Scott says, (which indicates to me that she was never given a choice between “brand “or “generic”) If I had known the difference, I would have gotten the brand name.


I don’t know about you but from this point on ….. Brand medicine all the way for me!!!

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Supreme Court expected to rule on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in coming days

The court is considering four key questions:

1. Does the law overstep federal authority, particularly with
the “Individual Mandate”

2. Must the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act be
scrapped if that key provision is unconstitutional?

3. Are the lawsuits brought by the states and other petitioners
barred under the Anti-Injunction Act?

4 Are states being “coerced” by the federal government to expand
their share of Medical costs and administration, with the risk
of losing that funding if they refuse?

Everything hinges on the mandate, also known as the “minimum coverage” or “must-buy” provision. It is the key funding mechanism – the “affordable” aspect of the Patient and Affordable Care Act – that makes most of the other 450 or so provisions possible.

It would require nearly all Americans to buy some form of health insurance beginning in 2014 or face financial problems. May the federal government, under the Constitution’s Commerce Clause, regulate economic “inactivity”?

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Elementary School Principal David Ryan Groover arrested on Drug Charges

David Ryan Groover, 44, principal at Partin Settlement Elementary School in St. Cloud, Florida was arrested on the following drug charges:

Delivery of Methamphetamine

Delivery of GHB-Controlled Substance

 Possession of Methamphetamine

Possession of GHB-Controlled Substance

 Possession of Controlled Substance, Stanololol

Possession of Cannabis under 20 Grams

 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia 

David Groover’s neighbors called police complaining of excessive traffic and possible drug activity at the principals’ residence.

On June 15, deputies conducted a sting operation which resulted in Groover selling methamphetamine and GHB at his residence.

At that point, Groover was placed into custody and deputies conducted a search on his residence and discovered methamphetamine, marijuana, GHB and drug paraphernalia. Groover was taken to Osceola County Jail and booked.

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Would a White President be Heckled?

Click here to listen to President Barack Obama’s speech.

When do the disdain and the disrespect for President Barack Obama end? Whether the Americans’ are aware of it or not, the other countries shake their heads in total disbelief as to the treatment of the man in the highest office of The United States.

President Barack Obama has shown great respect and restraint to the continued ignorance and the down right hateful comments that have been made not only to him but to his family.

To be heckled in the middle of a speech and then the reporter did not have the common decency to say to the president, yes! The president of all of the people of these United States, “You’re right! I’m sorry for not letting you complete your statement” is an example of what one would call “Arrogance of Power!”
Give me a micro-phone and allow me to wear a badge that says
“Press Pass” but maybe it should say “Press Azz” instead and “I’ll represent. Represent what is the question?”

I’m sure that there are many questions that President Obama would ask the press, if he were really free to do so, and one of those questions would be, “If I were a white man would you fear me enough too even form the words, let along speak the words that you shouted at me without trepidation of reprisal? In the pass, I’ve witness the press pass taken away from a reporter for a lot less, but on the other hand . . . the speaker was white!

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” – – – Thomas Jefferson


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Lakleand, FL Teacher’s Aide Curtis Leonard Jiles Charged with Hiring Students for Sex

Curtis Leonard Jiles, 30, teacher’s aide at Tenoroc High School in Lakeland, Florida is back in police custody after yet another victim comes forward accusing him of soliciting students for sex.

Detectives verified that the latest victim is a 15-year-old boy who was a student at Tenoroc High School. His name was revealed during an on-going investigation into Jiles’ alleged sexual encounters with students.

The student detailed some very personal information, stating that Jiles frequently called him “sexy chocolate”, “dark chocolate” and his “baby daddy”. The young boy goes on to say that when he wore baggy pants; Jiles would slap him on the butt and tell him to pull his pants up. On occasion, Jiles approached the boy outside his classroom and demanded that the boy show his genitals, which he refused. The student also stated that Jiles tried to bride him into never having sex with a girl.

Jiles was out on bond for sexually related charges involving four other students, but was re-arrested Tuesday night for “Lewd and Lascivious Conduct”.

Sheriff Grady Judd says deputies will continue to seek out other victims of Jiles’ “reprehensible behavior”.

Curtis Leonard Jiles arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday, 07/17/2012 at 8:15 AM before Judge Ellen S. Masters.

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Shellie N. Zimmerman, 25, Arrested for Perjury following Bond Hearing Testimony

Shellie N. Zimmerman, 25, the wife of accused murder suspect, George Zimmerman was arrested today and charged with Perjury.

Zimmerman,S. easily met conditions for a $1,000 bond and was released this afternoon according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Shellie arrest follows perjured testimony given by both her and her husband, George Zimmerman at his April 20, 2012 bond hearing.

Shellie Zimmerman’s arraignment is scheduled for July 31, 2012.

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