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George Zimmerman released to his sweet life as his wife, Shellie refers to his “slush fund!”

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case has some eerie semblance of the Casey Anthony case. From the very beginning, Anthony made a mockery of the Justice System, including the jurors [referring to them as dumb and dumber] then laughs about how she fooled them.

George Zimmerman and his wife is laughing at the mockery they’re making out of all the people who continue to fund his “slush fund,” indicating that he has more money now than he has ever had in his life.

Conversation between George and Shellie Zimmerman:

SHELLIE: after this, we go over, you’re gonna be able to just,
have a great life.
ZIMMERMAN: yeah! We will you’re
ZIMMERMAN: I’m (inaudible) excited.
SHELLIE: yeah, you should be.

They also discussed Zimmerman getting out on bail, and how to keep him from the press. The Sentinel reports that his choice of words was not ideal:

… “Well, I have my hoodie,” he says, a possible joke, referring to the hooded sweatshirt Trayvon Martin wore the night Zimmerman stalked and killed Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida on February 26. 2012.

It is painfully clear that George Zimmerman continues to view himself as some kind of hero, rather than the cold bloodied murderer of an unarmed young Black man.

Does this sound like someone who was in fear of his life or someone who understands that before he shot Trayvon Martin, he was unemployed and broke; now he is the “poster child for racial hatred and paranoia thoughts towards Black men” and feels that he shouldn’t be charged because he is White and the young man he shot was Black.

When George Zimmerman returned to court for a second time, it was interesting to see him in his new expensive suit, sat down and immediately began to smile [similar to Casey Anthony’s behavior when she realized that the cameras were on her] and joke with his attorney, as though he already knew the outcome of this hearing.

George Zimmerman and his wife Shellie is playing a lot of people along the way to their “sweet life!” From their attorney all the way down to the sympathetic public who really believes that poor George is getting a bad rap.

I suppose you would be smiling too, if you discovered that your “slush fund” had accumulated more than $300k and counting.

One thing for certain! The overqualified accountant that is responsible for the oversight and disbursement of funds from Zimmerman’s “slush fund” is clueless.

I can only imagine the jokes that George and Shellie are making behind close doors, laughing and joking as they try to decide what they’re going to do with their new-found bounty from the dumb and dumber crowd. “Sounds Familiar, It should!”

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