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At least 14 killed and 50 wounded at a Midnight Movie Screening of Batman, “Dark Knight Rises”, in Aurora Colorado

An armed gunman, approximately 6’tall, kicked in an emergency exit door and threw a smoke bomb into the darken movie theater before opening fire. He was wearing a bulletproof vest, in riot gear and helmet, completely covered in all black with goggles, holding a shotgun.

The gunman was seen setting off a smoke bomb before slowly making his way upstairs and randomly targeting people in the theater.

One man reported that there was confusion in the theater when the shooting began because many believed the sound of gunfire was coming from the movie. All of a sudden he looked around and saw people running and screaming and realized the gunshots were coming from inside the theater.

When the shots ended, at least 14 people were killed and 50 more wounded as the gunman opened fire during a midnight screening of a new Batman Premiere of “Dark Knight Rises” at the Century Aurora 16 Town Center theatres located at 14200 East Alameda Ave, Aurora, Colorado.

Of the wounded, at least 20 were treated at the University of Colorado Hospital. All of the wounded suffered from gunshot wounds, which ranged from minor to critical, “They’re arriving by police, by ambulance and some are walking in said spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery.

The gunman, a Caucasian male whose identity has not been released, was apprehended by police without gunfire or resistance, in a rear parking lot of the theater, according to Frank Fania, a police spokesman.

The police also seized a rifle and handgun from the suspect and another gun was found in the theater. According to the police, the gunman acted alone.

This is a fluid situation and will be updated as soon as possible.

video credit: mrcrazystuff2012

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