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Trustedworldnews: Pay Me or at least Give Me Credit for “Your Voice Your Vote!” Slogan

When the complimented me on one of my original blogs;

”nice information exactly what I wanted when I sought for this to browse on Google.”

I was impressed! I didn’t know that “” would ultimately browse through my site and take my slogan from my original blog posted on 03/15/2011 Your Vote . . .Your Voice . . . No Vote . . . No Voice . . . blog and use it as their own.

So, as part of the 47% that Governor Mitt Romney speaks about, I would love to pay taxes on the residual income that I should be receiving, therefore

“I’m voicing my objections to “”

using my slogan without compensation and/or at the very least, credit for my slogan every time they use it on their program.
Come on “” and do the right thing!!!

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