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Holiday’s is fast Approaching: Do you know Your Credit Score?


There is nothing more embarrassing than getting your holiday shopping groove on and as you finally make it to the cashier, he or she gives you their regular holiday pitch:

”We will give you a 30% discount if you open up a card with us today!”

And naturally, you’re in good spirits, so without hesitation, you give them your name and pertinent numbers, the cashier is hurriedly processing your new card, when the dreaded word “DECLINE” pops up on their screen, and for a moment the cashier is thinking, “How do I tell them the offer was rescinded based on their credit score and the embarrassment from both the cashier having to tell you that the offer was declined and the sheer humiliation from hearing the word “DECLINE.” What a holiday downer that would be.

Be Smart . . .Before you Start . . . Shopping! That is! Be in the know and check your score . . . Before you Go!

Oh! By the way…..Happy and Safe Holiday Shopping to You!!!

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