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Holiday’s is fast Approaching: Do you know Your Credit Score?


There is nothing more embarrassing than getting your holiday shopping groove on and as you finally make it to the cashier, he or she gives you their regular holiday pitch:

”We will give you a 30% discount if you open up a card with us today!”

And naturally, you’re in good spirits, so without hesitation, you give them your name and pertinent numbers, the cashier is hurriedly processing your new card, when the dreaded word “DECLINE” pops up on their screen, and for a moment the cashier is thinking, “How do I tell them the offer was rescinded based on their credit score and the embarrassment from both the cashier having to tell you that the offer was declined and the sheer humiliation from hearing the word “DECLINE.” What a holiday downer that would be.

Be Smart . . .Before you Start . . . Shopping! That is! Be in the know and check your score . . . Before you Go!

Oh! By the way…..Happy and Safe Holiday Shopping to You!!!

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World Peace on the outside: Internal Turmoil on the inside

Metta World Peace, what a name to live up too with such turmoil raging inside! It’s not everyday that you get to witness such rage on national television.

Too actually witness World Peace aka Ron Artest pull his elbow back as far as he could and then with all the force he could muster, aim his now strengthen elbow into the side of James Harden’s face, ear and neck is surreal.

If you watched the actual point of contact between World Peace aka Ron Artest elbow to Harden’s face and neck area, you could clearly see Harden’s neck snap from the trauma.

Too purposely pull your elbow back and swing it into the side of your rival’s ear and neck area without probable cause leaves you mentally and emotionally speechless. Then, you become angry at the flagrant disregard for the life and health of another human being.

James Harden took a blow to the side of his head that very well could have ended his career. Because Harden didn’t see the blow coming, he didn’t have time to brace himself.

However, as a result of World Peace/Turmoil absolute flagrant foul on Harden, NBA Commissioner David Stern suspended World Peace/Turmoil for seven games Tuesday.

This is not the first time that Peace has found himself on the wrong side of the rules of the game but it should be his last.

When is enough, enough? After World Peace/Turmoil aka Ron Artest accidentally kills someone? Buy World Peace out and send him on his way. World Peace/Turmoil is only dragging the name and the game down.

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Whitney Houston drowned in a foot of hot water: Accident or Opportunist

It would be so easy to discount Whitney Houston’s death as an accident due to contributing factors, such as Cocaine, Xanax and Alcohol.

Yet the coroner repeatedly states that the level of sedative found in her blood was low.

Empty beer bottles were also found in her room but alcohol was not detected in her body.

Houston suffered several scald burns on her face at the time of her death and she was found in the tub face down.

You have to wonder if at the time of her death, did Houston voluntarily used cocaine or if someone intentionally gave her an over-dose.

Where is the person that felt he had to clean-up the room before the police arrive?

And who was he protecting, Houston or himself?

And why did he leave the country?

Nope! It’s too easy to say that Houston had a terrible accident because surely, that wouldn’t be questioned due to her history.

But on that day! And the few minutes leading up to her untimely death . . . what really happened . . . to leave Houston face down in a foot of hot scaling water . . . surrounded by bodyguards?

“This is not the end of the story even though the book has closed and her life is no more!”

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Feliz Navidad to The Civil Interpreters Unit:Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center

Feliz Navidad,
Feliz Navidad,
Feliz Navidad,
Prospero Año Felicidad

I wanna wish you a merry Christmas,
I wanna wish you a merry Christmas,
I wanna wish you a merry Christmas,
From the bottom of my heart.

This is for the Civil Interpreters Unit at the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center, downtown Miami.

Hey Gang! Each year I can’t help but remember
The happy times we spent with each other doing the holiday season.
I pray that all is well with you and your families.

Do you remember dancing around the table singing Feliz Navidad after Jackie O serenaded each of us with our special song? Is Mario still the Master of Ceremony? Don’t let Luis eat too much!

So, Feliz Navidad to:
Feliz Navidad to Sandra A
Feliz Navidad to Maria B
Feliz Navidad to Edna D
Feliz Navidad to Jackie G
Feliz Navidad to Luis L
Feliz Navidad to Roberto M
Feliz Navidad to Mario M
Feliz Navidad to Joe L
Feliz Navidad to Hilda B
Feliz Navidad to Kira M
Feliz Navidad to Carlos G
Feliz Navidad to Guadalupe M
Feliz Navidad to Susan A
Feliz Navidad to Pearl
Feliz Navidad to Isela A

Alright! To all my friends and frienemies that pushed me toward my blessings! I thank you and Feliz Navidad

One More Time:
Feliz Navidad,
Feliz Navidad,
Feliz Navidad,
Prospero Año Y Felicidad

I wanna wish you a merry Christmas,
I wanna wish you a merry Christmas,
I wanna wish you a merry Christmas,
From the bottom of my heart.

“Laughing out Loud! Jackie O. that’s for You!”

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The Occupy Wall Street Movement is here to stay

The Occupy Wall Street Movement will only increase as time goes by. “What do they want? Some have asked! They want the same rights and privileges that were afforded to their parents and grandparents and subsequently to the banks and big corporations “that were too big to fail.”

The billions of dollars that were given to the banks, large corporations and Wall Street were from the backs of taxpayers. The government is the taxpayer. Without the taxpayers, there would be no government and certainly ‘no bail out!

Yes, it was given by the “administration” but where do you think the administration get their monies from? They get their monies from you, me and all the other citizens who pay taxes!

In the beginning the Occupy Wall Street participants were 30 and under, but as time passes, you see that more and more mature participants over 30 joining the cry of their young. “We are the 99% and we want the same options that were given to those who were” too big to fail!”

The movement cry is “where is my bailout?” Why aren’t the big corporations and banks and all the other entities that have their hands in the government coffers mandated to help the very people that allowed them to re-open their doors or kept them from shutting their doors forever.

There are banks in every state of these United States that have received monies from the “You’re too big to fail fund.” There should not be any contracts whereby the administration has given millions perhaps billions to businesses to stay open and not have accountability to the administration and/or the taxpayers.

The movement started in earnest by the young men and women who are fed up with the administration pandering to the rich and powerful at the expense of the underprivileged, working-class poor and the middle class. They’re also fed up with politics and propaganda and want jobs that can pay their bills and health insurance that will keep them out of the emergency room.

They are fed up with the banks and big corporations crying “Help me! Help me!” then post millions in profits at the end of the year and proceed to show their appreciation to their employees by giving them Year-End or Christmas bonuses that could pay someone’s annual salary.

What the movement is trying to show their friends, their neighbors, their mayor and yes! Even their governor that they have followed the rules: got good grades in school and went on to community and 4 -year colleges and universities, to get that much needed piece of paper called “ certificate of completion or college degree,” to enter the real world and began to make a positive contribution to society.

But, unfortunately, the last chapter in the story has turned from a dream to a nightmare, with no real hope in the foreseeable future.

All the financial wizards agree on one thing. “It will take at least 10 maybe 15 years until the financial disaster that we currently find ourselves in too turn around. Most people understand that message loud and clear!

Do you think that “The Occupy Wall Street Movement Participants” want to sleep outside in parks and other various places across this country, if they could at least see a glimmer of hope at the end of the rainbow? “The participants want to be heard but more than anything, they want and need jobs; jobs and more jobs and they need them now!”

Creative Commons License by Brenda Palmer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at

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The Congress can’t or won’t or maybe they’re just not capable of balancing the budget!

I can balance the budget in six months. I challenge Congress to work collectively on trying to balance the budget and give me the same paperwork, and without even one assistant I could balance the budget in six months. What do they have to lose? The American People have already lost their confidence in Congress and the White House to lead.

Why would I be successful in balancing the budget in record time? No-one has me in their back pocket because they contributed heavily to my campaign. I don’t have to be anyone’s puppet or front man or woman. The big companies/organizations will not get unfair tax advantages but will be taxed appropriately, like everyone else and all [100 %] pork projects will be automatically deleted bar none.

If Congress can’t get the job done, then they should surrender that responsibility to someone who doesn’t have a hidden agenda, but is capable of delivering on their word. The task is surmountable but achievable. “God don’t move that mountain but give me the strength to climb!” “I’ve already seen myself on the top of the highest mountain with the U.S. debt under my feet!”

Congress can’t balance the budget because they have too many individuals with their hands in the wrong cookie jar and everybody wants to be recognized for their two seconds of work. I don’t want to be recognized, I just want the d**n budget issued resolved so that this country can move forward in a positive light.

Don’t worry! I won’t go on vacation in the middle of one of the worst financial disasters in U.S. history! I’ll dig in and keep adding and subtracting and deleting my way to a balance budget with a positive cash flow for future endeavors. Oh! I failed to mention that Social Security, Medicaid/Medicare and the Military Payroll will remain intact or actually be tweaked upward from savings in other areas. The money is there! It’s just misappropriated, mismanaged, hidden under dummy accounts and co-mingled from the top to the bottom.

“Now, when can I start?”

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Can we talk about the Health Care Issue?

There are people on both sides of the fence voicing their opinion about the government mandating that everyone have some type of health plan in the near future. Some say “where do I sign up?” while others say “no way! And you can’t make me!”

Where do you think the people that is saying “no way and you can’t make me are going?” I can tell you without a doubt that 95% of them are showing up in the emergency room at one of Jackson’s facilities.

Why? Because they have already been to the other hospitals and the other hospitals give them a couple of aspirins and quickly refer them to their private physician, which they don’t have, and wallow! Jackson Memorial, here they come. That’s a fact! You know it and I know it!

Why do you think that happens? Because the patient is either indigent/ un-insured and the for-profits hospital do not want to incur the expense of indigent care. Ask around! Ask the area hospitals to put a percentage on how much is allocated in their budget to treat the indigent/un-insured?

On the record, I’m sure that they will come up with a figure that sounds practical and looks good in print. But, off the record! They’ll laugh in your face and remind you that they are a for-profit hospital.

People, you need to face the hard truth! Everyone that’s breathing needs at least the care of a primary physician. Without it! The indigent/uninsured patient put their life at greater risk, if they arrive at the hospital unconscious and unable to speak, the attending physician has to start from the beginning. If it’s a true emergency, time will work against you.

If the patient has at least primary health care, then the attending physician at the hospital has a head start by consulting their doctor, thus saving valuable time and money,(that you don’t have since you’re either indigent or uninsured) possibly your life or the life of your love ones.

I understand the rich or those with insurance objecting to mandatory insurance because they already have it or can afford to pay out of their pocket for it. But if you’re poor, unemployed or underemployed, can you really afford not to at least have a primary care physician?

Do you really want to place your life in the hands of strangers when a life or death situation arises or do you want to have at least a fighting chance with a primary care physician who knows you as a person and not just a social security number?

People, you have to deal with reality, which means” the way it is, not the way you want it to be!”

Sometimes! The truth hurts!!! … but the truth is necessary!

The time to address this issue is now! Later, maybe too late!!!

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“Can You Hear Me Now! … You’re in the same boat! … Can You Hear Me Now!!!”

While I listen attentively to the Republicans and Democrats go at it like “Crabs in a Bucket,” I can’t help but wonder if they realize that they live in the same United States.

I think it would behoove both parties to remember that they are in the same bucket and what affects one party will surely affect the other. I don’t think that there is an East & West America, yet?

However, if the dollar crash and burn like a freight train on the wrong tracks, the affects will be non-discriminatory and immediate.

Remember, the dollar knows no party affiliation and will show no mercy or discretion to the rich or the poor and is not politically persuaded to the left or the right and will dissipate like yesterday ashes.

Then, my friend! It will no longer matter which side of the fence you stand! The party’s over. You’re all in the same boat, to stroke together or go down together, still shouting, “I’m Right… No! I’m Right!” Either, you figure out a way to survive together or you sink together. After all! It’s only one America.

“Can You Hear Me Now … Oh! I forgot … You’re on vacation … in that same boat!”

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The American Public needs to see “Real not Fathom Solutions” to the Budget!

The time has come where the rubber meets the road! Over a trillion dollars is still committed to pork projects, so let’s start from the obvious. Every representative needs to take a hard look at their expense account and should be mandated to cut it at least by 50 percent.

Internal auditors should already be in the process of evaluating every single account, line by line and its existence should be justified and if it can’t be justified, it should be eliminated. People! We are in the critical stages of life support for respectability and sustainability throughout the world.

At this very moment, the international guard eyes are on every move that our administration make. The IMF has its hands on the trigger and at a moments notice ready to introduce SDR’s as the new international currency. Once this happens, you can take your dollars and use it for wall paper or better yet, gift wrapping paper of times gone by.

The administration and the other players can agree to disagree all they want too, but if they lose focus and continue to bicker pass the deadline and fail to act in respect to the debt ceiling, they all should just pack their bags and go back to their respective home bases and confine themselves to “house arrest” until the new administration is elected in 2012.

I don’t know about you! but I’m sick of all the political posturing, the name calling, the blame game, the power struggle, the one up on you, the I’ll show you speech…. E.NO.U.G.H! I’ve heard enough “Political Demagoguery” to last me two lifetimes!

Walter E. Williams, PhD, is the John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., served as commentator for WorldNetDaily, wrote a thought provoking piece on “Political Demagoguery” in an issue published October 20, 2004, and so eloquently stated that “Politicians have a field day misleading Americans who, as a result of having been dumb down by our education system, can’t think, reason or analyze.”

At first, it sounds condescending…after a little soul searching, you must admit, there is an element of truth in this statement and sometimes the truth hurt.

Furthermore, Suze Orman, internationally acclaimed personal finance expert and currently during a series on “The Money Class” has challenged every one of us to do what? “Stand in Your Truth!” so I’m challenging the powers on Capital Hill to “Stand in Their Truth!” and stop lying to the American public. Lay it all out on the table and tell the public the truth about how the money is really allocated and what they are really going to do or not do about fixing this mess, then “Put-Up! Or Shut-Up!

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What happened to Common Sense?

As I look around and have various conversations with my peers, I long to ask the the question, “What happened to Common Sense?”

When did we ban it from our thinking process and how fast can we get it back? We sure can use some common sense thinkers right about now.

What I’ve come to realize is that “Common Sense is not so common

I’ve witnessed, intellectual genius’ all around me with no common sense, why?

Where did common sense disappear too and can this society get it back? or have we become so addicted to computers, smart phones and all the other gadgets, that we have rendered our brains useless?

Can’t walk across the street … without the phone glued to your ear.

Can’t make a decision in the grocery store … without calling someone to help you decide what to buy.

Can’t wait in line… without calling someone to let them know you’re still waiting in line.

Can’t drive as fast as you talk… causing the traffic to backup behind you.

Can’t remember your own telephone number… calling someone to ask them what your number is?

Can’t go to work the next day… because you spent all night on the phone.

Can’t pay your bills… because you didn’t go to work!

Common Sense also means that which they “sense” as their common natural understanding. Do you know that which you understand is common?

Thomas Payne published a pamphlet entitled, “Common Sense” on 01/10/1776. Paine wrote and reasoned in a style that common people understood, foregoing the philosophy and Latin references used by Enlightment era writers, Paine structured “Common Sense” like a sermon and relied on Biblical references to make his case to the people.

Just thinking out loud! What happened to common sense?

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