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At least 14 killed and 50 wounded at a Midnight Movie Screening of Batman, “Dark Knight Rises”, in Aurora Colorado

An armed gunman, approximately 6’tall, kicked in an emergency exit door and threw a smoke bomb into the darken movie theater before opening fire. He was wearing a bulletproof vest, in riot gear and helmet, completely covered in all black with goggles, holding a shotgun.

The gunman was seen setting off a smoke bomb before slowly making his way upstairs and randomly targeting people in the theater.

One man reported that there was confusion in the theater when the shooting began because many believed the sound of gunfire was coming from the movie. All of a sudden he looked around and saw people running and screaming and realized the gunshots were coming from inside the theater.

When the shots ended, at least 14 people were killed and 50 more wounded as the gunman opened fire during a midnight screening of a new Batman Premiere of “Dark Knight Rises” at the Century Aurora 16 Town Center theatres located at 14200 East Alameda Ave, Aurora, Colorado.

Of the wounded, at least 20 were treated at the University of Colorado Hospital. All of the wounded suffered from gunshot wounds, which ranged from minor to critical, “They’re arriving by police, by ambulance and some are walking in said spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery.

The gunman, a Caucasian male whose identity has not been released, was apprehended by police without gunfire or resistance, in a rear parking lot of the theater, according to Frank Fania, a police spokesman.

The police also seized a rifle and handgun from the suspect and another gun was found in the theater. According to the police, the gunman acted alone.

This is a fluid situation and will be updated as soon as possible.

video credit: mrcrazystuff2012

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George Zimmerman released to his sweet life as his wife, Shellie refers to his “slush fund!”

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case has some eerie semblance of the Casey Anthony case. From the very beginning, Anthony made a mockery of the Justice System, including the jurors [referring to them as dumb and dumber] then laughs about how she fooled them.

George Zimmerman and his wife is laughing at the mockery they’re making out of all the people who continue to fund his “slush fund,” indicating that he has more money now than he has ever had in his life.

Conversation between George and Shellie Zimmerman:

SHELLIE: after this, we go over, you’re gonna be able to just,
have a great life.
ZIMMERMAN: yeah! We will you’re
ZIMMERMAN: I’m (inaudible) excited.
SHELLIE: yeah, you should be.

They also discussed Zimmerman getting out on bail, and how to keep him from the press. The Sentinel reports that his choice of words was not ideal:

… “Well, I have my hoodie,” he says, a possible joke, referring to the hooded sweatshirt Trayvon Martin wore the night Zimmerman stalked and killed Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida on February 26. 2012.

It is painfully clear that George Zimmerman continues to view himself as some kind of hero, rather than the cold bloodied murderer of an unarmed young Black man.

Does this sound like someone who was in fear of his life or someone who understands that before he shot Trayvon Martin, he was unemployed and broke; now he is the “poster child for racial hatred and paranoia thoughts towards Black men” and feels that he shouldn’t be charged because he is White and the young man he shot was Black.

When George Zimmerman returned to court for a second time, it was interesting to see him in his new expensive suit, sat down and immediately began to smile [similar to Casey Anthony’s behavior when she realized that the cameras were on her] and joke with his attorney, as though he already knew the outcome of this hearing.

George Zimmerman and his wife Shellie is playing a lot of people along the way to their “sweet life!” From their attorney all the way down to the sympathetic public who really believes that poor George is getting a bad rap.

I suppose you would be smiling too, if you discovered that your “slush fund” had accumulated more than $300k and counting.

One thing for certain! The overqualified accountant that is responsible for the oversight and disbursement of funds from Zimmerman’s “slush fund” is clueless.

I can only imagine the jokes that George and Shellie are making behind close doors, laughing and joking as they try to decide what they’re going to do with their new-found bounty from the dumb and dumber crowd. “Sounds Familiar, It should!”

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Two Trains Collide in Oklahoma: 3 Crewmembers Missing

Two trains collided Sunday near the Oklahoma Panhandle town of Goodwell, sparking a diesel fire and forcing the closure of a stretch of highway. Three people are missing.

The accident happened shortly after 10:00 a.m. on tracks approximately two miles east of Goodwell.

A westbound train consisting of three locomotives and 80 rail cars collided with an eastbound intermodal train consisting of four locomotives and 108 rail cars says Union Pacific Railroad spokeswoman Raquel Espinoza.

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Jerry Sandusky Former Penn State Assistant Coach: Found Guilty on 45 of 48 Counts of Sexual Abuse of Boys

Jerry Sandusky former Penn State assistant coach was “found guilty” of 45 of the 48 counts related to his sexual abuse of boys. He showed no emotion during the reading of the verdict.

Judge John Cleland addressed his comments directly to Sandusky and said “you have been found guilty by a jury of your peers and your sentencing would take place in about 90 days.”

Jerry Sandusky was immediately taken into custody and while he was being escorted out of the courthouse, he managed to wave to his wife, Dottie Sandusky.

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Elementary School Principal David Ryan Groover arrested on Drug Charges

David Ryan Groover, 44, principal at Partin Settlement Elementary School in St. Cloud, Florida was arrested on the following drug charges:

Delivery of Methamphetamine

Delivery of GHB-Controlled Substance

 Possession of Methamphetamine

Possession of GHB-Controlled Substance

 Possession of Controlled Substance, Stanololol

Possession of Cannabis under 20 Grams

 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia 

David Groover’s neighbors called police complaining of excessive traffic and possible drug activity at the principals’ residence.

On June 15, deputies conducted a sting operation which resulted in Groover selling methamphetamine and GHB at his residence.

At that point, Groover was placed into custody and deputies conducted a search on his residence and discovered methamphetamine, marijuana, GHB and drug paraphernalia. Groover was taken to Osceola County Jail and booked.

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Lakleand, FL Teacher’s Aide Curtis Leonard Jiles Charged with Hiring Students for Sex

Curtis Leonard Jiles, 30, teacher’s aide at Tenoroc High School in Lakeland, Florida is back in police custody after yet another victim comes forward accusing him of soliciting students for sex.

Detectives verified that the latest victim is a 15-year-old boy who was a student at Tenoroc High School. His name was revealed during an on-going investigation into Jiles’ alleged sexual encounters with students.

The student detailed some very personal information, stating that Jiles frequently called him “sexy chocolate”, “dark chocolate” and his “baby daddy”. The young boy goes on to say that when he wore baggy pants; Jiles would slap him on the butt and tell him to pull his pants up. On occasion, Jiles approached the boy outside his classroom and demanded that the boy show his genitals, which he refused. The student also stated that Jiles tried to bride him into never having sex with a girl.

Jiles was out on bond for sexually related charges involving four other students, but was re-arrested Tuesday night for “Lewd and Lascivious Conduct”.

Sheriff Grady Judd says deputies will continue to seek out other victims of Jiles’ “reprehensible behavior”.

Curtis Leonard Jiles arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday, 07/17/2012 at 8:15 AM before Judge Ellen S. Masters.

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Shellie N. Zimmerman, 25, Arrested for Perjury following Bond Hearing Testimony

Shellie N. Zimmerman, 25, the wife of accused murder suspect, George Zimmerman was arrested today and charged with Perjury.

Zimmerman,S. easily met conditions for a $1,000 bond and was released this afternoon according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Shellie arrest follows perjured testimony given by both her and her husband, George Zimmerman at his April 20, 2012 bond hearing.

Shellie Zimmerman’s arraignment is scheduled for July 31, 2012.

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Robin Roberts in her own words: Talks about her MDS Diagnosis

“The greatest gift that you can give a child of God is your continued prayers!”

Please keep Robin in your prayers!!!

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George Zimmerman Bond Revoked: Has 48 Hours to Surrender to Jail

The Prosecution alleged on Friday that George Zimmerman counsel knew or should have known that the website set up for donations for George Zimmerman’s defense had accumulated in excess of $150,000, while George Zimmerman presented to the court that he was indigent for cost and could not afford to pay for his defense and therefore is not a flight risk.

As a matter of fact, it is ascertained that George Zimmerman is held up in a five star hotel, compliments of his supporters and that his website is currently taking in over a $1000 a day and is in possession of a second passport.

After reviewing the evidence, 18th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Kenneth R. Lester, Jr. agreed with the prosecution that George Zimmerman and his attorney, lied about his finances and his ability to leave the country, considering he has more than enough finances and a second passport which he failed to surrender to the courts.

Judge Kenneth R. Lester,Jr. revoked the bond of the wanna-be cop and neighborhood watch volunteer, who was seen on video skipping up the stairway of the Sanford Police department, three days after he was out on bond, and ordered George Zimmerman to surrender to jail within 48 hours.

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