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Who Wins and Who Loses As China Rebalances

By Serkan Arslanalp, Thomas Helbling, Jaewoo Lee, and Koshy Mathai Version in 中文  (Chinese) China’s economy leaves nobody indifferent. The world is watching closely as the second largest economy in…

Source: Who Wins and Who Loses As China Rebalances

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Mitt Romney: Independent Thinker or Opening Act for President Obama

Mitt Romney is excellent at giving negative feedback on remarks made by President Obama. He appears sharp, quick wit and even displays a sense of humor but when you corner Romney on specifics, the room is suddenly silent.

Why it is that Mitt Romney can energize an auditorium of people and have them clapping and cheering him on, yet five minutes after the party is over, they can’t tell you one specific problem that Romney addressed. Why, maybe because, Mitt Romney is a good “cheerleader” but not a “leader.”

A good cheerleader or opening act can work a crowd and get them emotionally charged for the main event. Once the main performer hits the stage, the cheerleaders’ job is done. While it is entertaining for someone to come and work the crowd, it is the featured speaker or the main attraction that really drew the crowd.

As I’ve watch Mitt Romney take the podium from state to state, I can’t help but feel that he is a “feel good speaker” but lack substance. So, Governor Mitt Romney, I’m calling you out!

The voters want to hear from you, personally, not your comments on something President Obama said or didn’t say!

Romney is good at answering questions in generalities and that was acceptable in the beginning, but at this stage in the race for the White House, it’s time for the registered voters to hear his mission statement and how he plans to accomplish his mission in succinct detail.

Some of the questions I’m sure that the voters want answered are:

1. What are your plans to turn this economy around? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

2. What are your plans in respect to Healthcare? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

3. What are your plans concerning banks and their inability to work with struggling homeowners, while taking millions and in some cases billions of dollars from the government? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

4. What are your plans concerning social programs such as: Medicaid & Medicare, Social Security and others? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

5. What are your plans concerning the military and their families? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

6. What are your plans to stimulate job growth? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

7. What are your plans concerning immigration? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

8. What are your plans concerning student loans? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

9. What are your plans to show that you can and will represent the 47% of people, whom you feel pays no federal taxes? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

10. In one sentence, what would you say to the voters to convince them that you are the right man for the highest position in the land? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

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Supreme Court expected to rule on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in coming days

The court is considering four key questions:

1. Does the law overstep federal authority, particularly with
the “Individual Mandate”

2. Must the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act be
scrapped if that key provision is unconstitutional?

3. Are the lawsuits brought by the states and other petitioners
barred under the Anti-Injunction Act?

4 Are states being “coerced” by the federal government to expand
their share of Medical costs and administration, with the risk
of losing that funding if they refuse?

Everything hinges on the mandate, also known as the “minimum coverage” or “must-buy” provision. It is the key funding mechanism – the “affordable” aspect of the Patient and Affordable Care Act – that makes most of the other 450 or so provisions possible.

It would require nearly all Americans to buy some form of health insurance beginning in 2014 or face financial problems. May the federal government, under the Constitution’s Commerce Clause, regulate economic “inactivity”?

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Casey Anthony examined by Experts, found competent

Casey Anthony’s defense team filed a last minute ex-parte motion on Saturday morning alleging that Anthony was not competent to continue the trial, said Judge Belvin Perry, virtually stopping the proceedings in its tracks.

After receiving the motion, Judge Perry, immediately ordered that Anthony be examined by three independent experts to determine if she was in fact competent or deemed incompetent to stand trial.

The three psychologists chosen to exam Anthony were Dr. Daniel Tressler, Dr. Harry McLaren and Dr. Ryan Hall.

Dr. Tressler examined Anthony late Saturday morning, Dr. McLaren examined Anthony Saturday evening, and Dr. Hall examined Anthony on Sunday.

After carefully reviewing the reports, Judge Perry said that Anthony was indeed competent to stand trial.

The experts’ reports will remain sealed, but the defense motion and the judge’s order appointing experts will be filed.

On Monday morning, Casey Anthony’s defense attorney Ann Finnel filed a new motion for a mistrial.

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“Shaun Bosse, escaped today from an Oklahoma jail using deputy vehicle!”

Shaun Bosse,27, Oklahoma jail inmate and murder suspect was able to outmaneuver two deputies and stole one of the deputy’s car in escaping from custody.

Shaun Bosse is about 5’10”, around 215lbs. Brown Hair and Green Eyes.

Bosse is accused of killing Katrina Griffin, 24, died from eight stab wounds, and her two children, Christian 8, had been stabbed five times and Chastity, 6, died in the fire on July 23, according to KOCO.

He is charged with three counts of First degree murder and one count of arson.

The bodies of Griffin and her two children were found in a mobile home that had caught fire according to KOCO.

Bosse was able to escape by stealing a black 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix, the car was newly purchased and has a paper tag on it and was last seen going northbound out of Purcell, Oklahoma at about 10:25a.m. (11:25a.m EST).

McClain County Undersheriff, Bill Shobe said that “In Fact, he passed the vehicle before knowing of the escape. Shobe said that he was on his way to church and remember seeing the vehicle but they didn’t notify him until later.”Six deputies were searching for him, as well as an aircraft used for aerial search in addition to a “Be on the Lookout” bulletin was issued for Shaun Bosse.


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Chris Brown is his own worse enemy!

I know what its like to be young and foolish, we’ve all been there but hopefully at some point in life you learn and grow from your mistakes.

The behavior that Chris Brown subsequently displayed in his dressing room required more than “I’m Sorry!” Looking at the GMA Building from the outside, it appeared that the window was broken in a fit of rage.

Obviously, Chris has some serious emotional turmoil going on in his soul. I believe that his anger is beyond anger management and he needs some mandatory in-voluntary mental counseling before he hurts himself and someone else beyond the “I’m Sorry!” rhetoric.

It amazes me how his enablers consistently make excuses for his abnormal behavior. Let’s face it! Chris Brown is a troubled soul who desperately needs someone to care enough about him to intervene and get him the mental & emotional help he needs.

Mom! Dad! where are you? Your son needs you!

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MISS ME YET? Billboard featuring Former President George W. Bush

Everyday I’m reminded of the condition that our beloved President George W. Bush left the next administration to clean up.

Do I miss you? Oh Yea!

I really miss you each time I read or hear on the news that 5,000+ prospective employees applied for 25 jobs and some started waiting in line the night before.

I miss you each time the jobless numbers rise.

I miss you when I take a peak at the county hospitals and clinics and see that the number of people has quadrupled because so many are now without employer assisted health plans.

I miss you after driving through neighborhood after neighborhood and seeing the devastation firsthand; with for sale and foreclosed homes signs everywhere.

I miss you every time I’m standing in line at the supermarket and witness the cashiers carefully going through the items a new welfare client has to put back because it’s not on the list.

I miss you as I realize that the economy will not bounce back for years to come.

Whoever advised the owner of the poster to strategically place it on I-95 South Bound, between 151st and 135th Streets, certainly gave you the most bangs for your buck. I-95, South Bound is one of the most heavily traveled expressways in Miami-Dade. It’s quite obvious that this is political posturing.

To the owner:
If you felt so strongly about what you advertised on the billboard, then, “why not own it?” Why are you using a “hit and run tactic” to get your point across. When you don’t step up, front and center, then you! as the originator of the poster, lose credibility and appear in the eyes of the public to be a coward. If this is your stance, own it! “Hit and Run” tactics are for kids not adults with serious opinions and concern for this country. Why spent all that money for nothing? It makes you a less than desirable candidate for any position servicing the public.

If you want to be a viable candidate now or in the future, come forth and claim your “MISS ME YET CROWN?”

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