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Are the citizens of these United States reaching their boiling point?

As the country continues to take a free fall, using the middle class and the working poor as collateral damage, Wall Street continues to make billions off the backs of the unsuspecting owners of bad loans, home or otherwise, America finds itself at the crossroads of utter destruction.

How many more of the unemployed and the under-employed workers will have to lose their homes to foreclosure? How many more career employees will be displaced from their jobs within a couple years shy of their full retirement? How many more resumes will be submitted before a desperate worker receive just an invitation to be interviewed?

How long can 15 million workers remain unemployed without something catastrophe happening because they think that there is no hope for a job in the foreseeable future?

How long can a country run on auto-pilot before it tumbles and fall? Who are the people that are suppose to keep these United States on track, financially and otherwise? Why aren’t they held accountable for the mess that this country finds itself in?

The crime rate from state to state is at an all time high and climbing? Why are there more robberies in the broad daylight and suspects willing to shoot anyone that tries to stand between them and their ill-gotten loot? Why has crime increased 300 percent against churches and the elderly?

Why is it reported that things are improving, when you don’t know a single unemployed person who has been hired within the last six months? Why do you feel like screaming to the top of your lungs, when yet another politician tells you that “they’re working on a plan to put America back to work?”

How many more lies will be regurgitated over and over again until the public realize that they have been bamboozled? How much longer will the people remain calm before they take to the streets and demand accountability for this colossal nightmare that most American’s find themselves in?

Everywhere you go … you sense a spirit of desperation and every corner you turn, you see fear in everybody’s eyes! Unless something is done soon to turn this economy around, America will implode onto itself and there will be no winners!!! The people are desperate and “they need help now… not later!”


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Caylee Marie Anthony is dead!!! Who will be held Accountable?

Defense Attorney Jose Baez and Casey Anthony, hug after the jury acquitted her of murdering her daughter.

“What is the value of “Human life?” Obviously not as much as the value of a dog, based on the verdict by the Casey Anthony’s trial.

As this trial comes to its conclusion, all the questions asked by the prosecution still remain unanswered.

What happened to Caylee Marie Anthony?

Who was responsible for Caylee’s care that deadly day and ultimately her death, even if it were an accident? “Someone should be held accountable!”

When anyone is involved in a car accident, someone is charged and ultimately has to pay even though it was an accident? “Someone is held accountable!”

Lives are lost every year at the hospital by accident and the hospital has to be responsible for their actions? “Someone is held accountable!”

When you are hurt on the job, sometimes it involves a lawsuit even though it was an accident? “Someone is held accountable!”

Do you get the point yet? Even when it’s an accident, “someone is still held accountable!”

So, how can you bury a human being before informing the proper authorities, i.e., hospital, medical examiner, the police department or a funeral home that an accident occurred, and not be held accountable?

What precedent is the jury setting by virtually ignoring the death of Caylee Marie Anthony and not addressing it in their verdict? Are they saying that they don’t believe that Caylee is dead because the prosecution didn’t produce a body; therefore no one is held accountable?

Even if it were an accident as Jose Baez, the defense counselor insisted, “Someone still should be held accountable!”

Maybe the selection of jurors for specific cases needs to be reviewed. Based on what a couple of the jurors were saying, the testimony for the prosecution was above their mental capacity to comprehend, so they just discounted it and formed their own opinions. If that is the case! Then they did not follow the instructions of the court.

The court should have the authority to question the jurors privately, after the verdict is rendered without camera’s or anyone else present, so that he or she could pass on information to upper judiciary in an effort to ensure that the jury selected is able to listen, assimilate, comprehend and come to a conclusion based on the facts presented and not on their personal or emotional feelings. Any decision made based on anything but evidence is a miscarriage of justice and it fragments our legal system of government

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