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Bobby Brown Explains Why He Left Whitney Houston’s Funeral

Bobby Brown left Whitney Houston’s Funeral upset over the way that he and his family were treated.

After entering the church and escorted to their seats by security and before they could settle in their seats, the security asked that Bobby Brown and his family move not once but twice more and Bobby was forbidden again by security, [at the instructions of Houston’s family] to offer his condolence to his only child in the marriage to Whitney, Bobbi Kristina.

At that point, Bobby Brown decided that he had experienced enough embarrassment, while being disrespected in the church, at the funeral, and in front of his children, that the best thing to do at this point was to just blow a kiss toward Whitney Houston’s casket and gather his family and leave with the same respect that he had entered the church.

Was that the proper and Christian way to treat the father of Whitney’s only child, Bobbi Kristina and Whitney’s husband of 15 years? My answer is an astounding NO!

While it was clear that Whitney’s family did not approve of her choice in Bobby Brown, and they extrapolated that at every venue possible, it also became painfully clear as time pass that Whitney loved Bobbi Brown passionately. And while you may not approve or understand the relationship between the two; you have to respect her decision, after all, “it was her decision to marry Bobby Brown.”

I’ve watched many interviews, whereby various anchors would interview Whitney, and in all of them, she would reiterate over and over again, that Bobby and I are more alike than you think. I understood what she meant by that.

Whitney was saying, “I understand the image that you have created for me and the one that I have created for myself in an effort to uphold that image, but there is another layer under that image that is not like the one that must be presented before the world. That deeper layer is more like the real Whitney Houston and Bobby brings that out of me.”

I know we all look for someone to blame when one of our beloved entertainers does not consistently meet up to our expectations. Whitney was a realist and understood as she so eloquently responded to Diane Sawyer in one of her many interviews, “I am my own demon!” At that moment and at that time, she didn’t place blame on anyone for the state that she found herself in, but “stood front and center” and accepted responsibility for Whitney. I gained, yet another level of respect for her to have the courage and come on national TV and “stand in her own truth.

Not one person alive and not one person reading this is “without sin!!! That’s a fact . . . . Like it or not!!! Not me . . . and not you.

“YOUR SIN OR SINS IS NOT THE SUM TOTAL OF YOUR LIFE . . . . . . . EVEN IF YOUR SIN . . . . . . . . . . CAUSES YOU . . . . . . . YOUR LIFE!!!”

** Always Remember: That your craft should not define who you are as a person but only what you do. There is yet another layer to you waiting to be discovered by others.**

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