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December one is National AIDS day!!! Do you know your HIV Status?

The historical AIDS QUILT started in 1985 with only one panel; 94,000 names and 25 years later, names continue to be added to
what is now known as the “AIDS QUILT.”

Who knew all those years ago that you could be diagnosed with HIV, yet live a long and meaningful life with early detection and adhering to the proper drug regime.

Magic Johnson is one such example. While you might say that Magic Johnson is the exception because he can afford to get the best care that money can afford, Johnson is not the exception and due to the advances of research, he is the rule.

Freda Jones, HIV positive since 2002; Robby Astrove, HIV positive since 1978 at the age of 15; Pat Linn, HIV positive since 1999 are all still living and doing well, despite living with HIV.

“If you’re engaged in sexual activity or plan to be engaged in an intimate way with your partner, then it’s imperative that you and your partner discuss not only “AIDS but other sexually transmitted diseases that can change your life forever.

If you don’t use the proper protection and open up to each other, through dialogue and be painfully honest with your prospective partner about your history and your present status, you set yourself up as a possible host to other sexually transmitted diseases, in addition to HIV and subsequently AIDS.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner for discovering HIV, Dr. Francoise Barre-Sinouss, Pasteur Institute-President Elect International Aids Society and Dr. Steven Deeks, AIDS Research Institute, collaborate annually with the top scientist from around the world in hope of finding a cure for AIDS.

Much have been done since the early days of detection and the almost certain death that resulted from a positive diagnosis, but much is still needed. People are still being infected and diagnosed with HIV daily and many more are unfortunately, infecting others because they are “HIV Positive” and don’t know it.

While the doctors are doing their part in consistently researching and coming up with different cocktails to prolong life, each person needs to be an “Ambassador to the AIDS Cause” and make a concerted effort to encourage all their family, friends and even their enemies to get tested and use the proper precautions in an effort to eradicate this dreadful and deadly disease known as AIDS.

“Get tested and have your partner tested and use protection all the time, period!”

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