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Romancing Mrs. Superville while Investigating Mr. Superville = Tainted Evidence!

“When you find that one of your own has un-clean hands, what is your next move?” Do you proceed as though nothing happened?” or “Do you do the right thing and drop the charges with a stipulation that you will probably re-file in the near future?”

Investigating a murder case with unclean hands is a giant effort in futility. Prosecuting a murder case once you discover that someone in your camp has been less than forthcoming with the facts, is another story altogether. Whether you discover that you have forged documents in the beginning, middle or end of a trial, “what is the prosecutor’s obligation to the State of Florida and to the accused?”

And what are the consequences to the person or persons discovered with the un-clean hands? Along with what clear and concise laws or (zero tolerance) rules will you put in place moving forward to prevent this embarrassing and costly (to the court as well as the taxpayers) situation from ever repeating itself.

While In the course of investigating a murder suspect; the detective/investigator forms a relationship with the suspect’s spouse that subsequently develops into an affair, Ill respective of who initiated it, everything that the detective/ investigator touches’ moving forward is now tainted because of his/her elusive affair.

The “Appearance of Impropriety” is now indelibility linked to the detective/investigator and his/her actions. Then the “thought process of the jurors” are switched too “what does the detective/investigator have to gain by allegedly forging documents?” Once this is considered by the Jurors; it all but guarantee’s that “the accused will walk” via a verdict of “Not Guilty!” by the Jurors or at the very least a “Hung Jury!”

So, No! It’s not a mystery why the “Murder Case against David Superville was Dropped!”

For Once! … It’s an action based on Jurisprudence!

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