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Frank Taaffe & George Zimmerman: Both Crime Watch Captains with similar Previous Criminal History

Frank Taaffe aka Francis Bruce Taaffe and George Zimmerman are both previous crime watch captains for The Retreat of Twin Lakes community in Sanford with similar past criminal history. No wonder they are best friends. “Birds of a feather flock together, Like honeybees!, that’s what they say and apparently that statement certainly rings true here.

It would be interesting to ask the Sanford police officer who monitors the crime watch program in their area, “Exactly what are you telling the people to make them think that they are above the law?”

Former crime watch captain Frank Taaffe aka Francis Bruce Taaffe has quite an interesting arrest history including:

1999 – Violating An Injunction For Protection Against Domestic Violence Victim.

1997 – Charged with Battery on Unknown Party {this is the friend that Zimmerman got into trouble with the policeman over}


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